Located in northwest Slovenia, this lovely mountain town is located in the heart of the Soca valley. After Ljubljana and Bled, Bovec is the most famous city in Slovenia. Compare to Bled, it's more vivid and provides endless adventure activities, such as rafting, kayaking, canyoning, paragliding, or even zip-lining.

You can enjoy not only the guided tours but there are some unique places nearby - that you should visit while you are in Bovec.

I've been to Bovec a couple of times to try out rafting, zip-lining, e-biking, horseback riding, etc. but I didn't have the time to visit any nearby places. I always thought those "must-visit" locations are too far from Bovec and we don't have the time to go there after such an adventure-heavy day.

Hence, I collected the best attractions worth visiting even after a full-day activity. All of the locations on this list can be visited:

  • for free (no entry fee)
  • by less than 10 mins drive from Bovec
Attractions of Bovec

TOP 3 free Attractions

  1. Boka Waterfall (Slap Boka) - 7 mins drive
  2. Virje Waterfall (Slap Virje) - 8-10 mins drive
  3. Ravelnik Open Air Museum - 3 mins drive

I recommend these places for everyone who wants to take a break between two adventure activities (or after them at the end of the day).

To visit all three attractions, it would only take you 24 mins to drive to all places.

#1 Boka waterfall

However, the waterfall is neither the highest in Slovenia nor the widest; you can see it even from the road - hence it is pretty well-known. Slap Boka is located in West-Slovenia, just South of the town of Bovec.

Boka waterfall is the biggest fall in Slovenia
  • Available: All year round / Ope 24 hours
  • Cost: no entry fee
  • Distance from Bovec: 7 mins
  • Location: Podklopca 3, 5230 Bovec, Slovenia

Getting there

Boka fall's location is Podklopca 3, 5230 Bovec, Slovenia. You can see the waterfall even from the road, so it will be easy for you to spot hen you are there.

Bovec - Boka waterfall distance
Bovec - Boka waterfall distance

Take the road 203 from Bovec until you spot the waterfall. Then you can easily pull the car over next to the road.  You can reach a good viewpoint of the waterfall in different ways:

  • From the road - Easy -> Park North of the bridge or by the hotel and enjoy the views from there
  • Hike from the road - Moderate (15 to 20min) -> Hiking or sport shoes needed!
  • Hike through the river bed - Hard -> You can only hike up to the waterfall by taking different ways, but all of them are technical and challenging.

#2 Virje waterfall

This beautiful Karstic waterfall is located only 8-10 mins drive from Bovec. Virje waterfall is one of the most popular attractions near Bovec for photographers, couples, and families.

Virje Waterfall - 2nd worth-visiting location from Bovec [only 8-10 mins drive]
  • Available: All year round / Open 24 hours
  • Cost: no entry fee
  • Distance from Bovec: 8-10 mins
  • Location: Gljun, Slovenia

The source of the waterfall lies a little bit upstream in the spring of Glijun (Izvir Glijuna). Best time to visit Slap Virje is after a heavy rainfall or late springtime when there is a lot of melted snow in springtime.

The Glijun stream which is fed by the subterranean waters

Getting there

Virje is located in Plužna village. In Plužna (at the junction), go right and follow the signs for slap Virje (pay attention for the signs).

Bovec - Virje waterfall distance
Bovec - Virje falls distance

Soon you have to find a tiny parking lot (max four cars can park here - so it's tiny). If the parking lot is full, you can move forward down and park along the road. You can leave your car here and follow the marked route to Virje.

Before the bridge over the Glijun stream, a wide path turns left and downwards. You'll hear the waterfall getting louder and louder as you walk, so you'll find it easily. The walk is easy and descent.

#3 Ravelnik Outdoor museum

This location was part of the Austro-Hungarian defense line that saw fierce fighting during the Isonzo Front is linked by a short circular trail that contains part of the Walk of Peace.

  • Available: All year round / Open 24 hours
  • Cost: no entry fee
  • Distance from Bovec: 3 mins
  • Location: Ravni Laz, 5230 Bovec, Slovenia

The open-air museum is open all year round, and there is no entrance fee.

You will find a short well-arranged path through a small forest, which will take you to the renovated remains.  You can see how life was on the first defense line of the Austro-Hungarian army in Bovška kotlina. Text source: Soca Valley

Getting there

On the Bovec-Trenta (Predel) road, park on the right less than 1 km out of Bovec. Continue on foot along the marked trail that will lead you to the Ravelnik remains in about 5 minutes.

Bovec. Ravelnik museum distance
Bovec. Ravelnik museum distance