For a stunning view of the dazzling Grosses Wiesbachhorn, we have to travel all the way to the Hohe Tauern National Park, Austria. The 3564-meter-high mountain is the 3rd highest point in the Hohe Tauern mountain range. Today we know that the largest peak is the Grossglockner (3798 m), but it has long been believed that the giant now being unveiled is the largest gem of the Tauern.

The mountain, which has almost perfect proportions, is the main peak of the mountain range here, none of the surrounding mountains can beat it. It is no coincidence that climbers often refer to it as the rival of the Grossglockner.

Wiesbachhorn is very popular among mountaineers and is especially suitable for beginners because the normal route called "Kaindlgrat" is relatively easy to climb.

Although it is no longer visible on the northwest wall, it was once one of the most beautiful ice walls in the Eastern Alps. Unfortunately, it has now melted.

Grosses Wiesbachhorn Details
Height 3 564 m
Country Austria
Province Salzburg
Location Kaprun, Fusch
Range Hohe Tauern, The Alps
Vienna distance 400 km / 5 hours
Parking (free) Kesselfall-Alpenhausba (1033 m)
Starting point Bergrestaurant Mooserboden (2036 m)
Accommodation Heinrich Schwaiger House (2802 m)
First summit 18. century
Necessary days 1 - 2 days
Season June - Sept
Guide is mandatory? No
Climbing experience needed? Yes
Permit needed? No
Website -

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Climbing Wiesbachhorn video

Where is Wiesbachhorn?

The mountain is located in the province of Salzburg, Austria - near Kaprun. The Hohe Tauern chain (Alps) also runs here, so we walk in the Hohe Tauern National Park. The mountain itself belongs to the town of Fusch, the base camp is in Kaprun.

  • Distance from Vienna to Kaprun: 5 hours / 400 km


From Kaprun, the road leads to the Kesselfall-Alpenhaus. We can leave our car here in the public car park (free of charge). We can continue the bus to the parking lot of the Kaprun reservoir.


  • Kesselfall-Alpenhaus car park
  • Bergrestaurant Mooserboden (can be reached by bus)
  • Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus Accommodation (hike here)
  • Summit
  • Back to Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus
  • Back to the Mooserboden car park (hike here)
  • Back to the Kesselfall-Alpenhaus car park (get back here by bus or hike)

The first day: Get to the accommodation

From Kesselfall-Alpenhaus we take the bus to the starting point of our first day's tour, the Bergrestaurant Mooserboden car park (2036 m). From here we will have to hike to the opposite side of the lake where we will have our accommodation.

The hike takes about 2-3 hours and during this time we make an 800 meters ascent.

  • Mooserboden's address is Mooserbodenstraße 20, 5710 Kaprun, Austria
  • The cost of the bus is approx. 15 - 20 euros, tickets can be bought in advance, online.
It is important to know that the bus only runs during the summer climbing season: mid-May to mid-October! There is no schedule, flights run continuously.

After we hike to the other side of the lake, we arrive at our accommodation, which is located in the only tourist house near the peak, the Heinrich-Schwaiger-Haus. The hut is located at an altitude of 2802 meters.

  • Address: Mooserbodenstraße 30, 5710 Kaprun, Austria

Of course, we could also go hiking from Kesselfall to the lodge if we want to skip the bus ride. In this case, a distance of 12.5 km and a level rise of 1885 meters must be overcome. It is worth about 6 hours.

So, in summary: We leave the car in the Kesselfall car park and then take a bus to Mooserboden. From here we can reach the accommodation, the Heinrich Schwaiger tourist house, with a 2-3 hour hike. We leave from here the next day.

Heinrich Schwaiger House (2802 m)

Our accommodation will be the Heinrich Schwaiger tourist house. As the hut with a fabulous panorama is the only accommodation option in the area, let's make a reservation in time! Reservations can be submitted by email from January, but it is not uncommon for climbers to book the previous year.

It is worth knowing that not only climbers, but also hikers in the area like to stay here, so there is a lot of competition for free places.

In the restaurant, you can choose breakfast or half board (meat and meat-free menu). Breakfast + three-course dinner costs about 40 euros, breakfast 15 euros.

  • Opening: mid-June
  • Beds: EUR 40 per person per night
  • Phone: +43 664 6565555
  • Website
Although the hiking season itself starts earlier, the lodge only opens in mid-June!

Day Two: Summit

Behind the hut, we start with a short, easy via Ferrata. After this, we reach the summit through the Oberen Fochezkopf and the Kaindlgrat ridge in a 3-4 hour climb.

The level difference on the second day is approx. 770 meters. At the top, of course, a fabulous panorama awaits us. It will take about 4 hours to descend back from the summit to the Moserboden car park.

As always, if our time allows, count an extra 1-2 days for climbing which can come in handy if you just have a bad time.

Overall, you will climb about 7 hours in total. 3 hours, on the first day, and 4 hours on the second day.

Who was the first climber?

The mountain was first climbed by two farmers, Zanker and Zorner. All this was still in the 18th century, and the southeastern side was chosen as the route. The first winter climb is named after Th. Oberwalder, who ascended the summit on the southwest side on March 2, 1906.

Interestingly, the height of the mountain was poorly measured, so it is 3570 meters on older maps.

Do I need a permit?

No, you don't need a permit to climb the mountain.

Previous experience

Although climbing the Wiesbachhorn is not the most difficult mountain of three thousand, climbing experience is definitely needed. If you don't have enough experience behind you, hire a professional, state-recognized tour guide.

Guided tours

More and more professional tour guides are helping you get to the Wiesbachhorn. The climbing takes place in groups, the average headcount is 4: 1, meaning a hiker takes 4 hikers. Of course, we can also ask for a smaller group, but in this case, we have to reckon with a drastic jump in the price.

The price of a tour is around 700 euros. If the two of us go, we can halve the participation price. This price also includes the price of accommodation, meals, and transfers. Remember that if we go with a tour guide, we will bear his costs!

It’s worth knowing that local tour guides don’t undertake climbing if we’re not in shape. The expectation is to be able to do a 400-meter ascent in an hour!

Not only climbers, but many hikers explore the area of Wiesbachhorn