We love being in nature, and in the outdoor. We often go hiking, biking, skiing, rafting, and try many other exciting sports. Years ago, pursuing these, we realized that we wanted to take it more seriously.

We've spent a lot of time in the past looking for high-quality and relevant content about where we want to go. Eventually, we decided to build Trekhunt with the purpose of becoming the number one knowledge base for families and adventurers.

We are not a travel agency nor we are a tour operator. We do not deal with restaurants, wine tasting, or hotels. We focus on adventures, sights, and excursions in nature.

By now we have written more than 100 articles, posts, and reports in English, German, Slovak, Romanian, Slovenian, and another 300 articles in Hungarian.

We believe that there's an inner adventurer in every person in the world. It's there in you too and we would like to help you unleash it! That's why we're spending night and day working on building the world's best travel knowledge base for everyone.

We work with several hikers, bikers, and copywriters. Some of us have met through previous workplaces, there are also friends who are happy to share their hiking experiences with us, and even more and more enthusiastic Facebook followers are posting.

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  • Address: 6722 Szeged, Béke utca 5/a, Hungary