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Useful posts about the top attractions, cities, and programs in Germany. Focusing on nature, castles, gorges, waterfalls, etc. Hiking & biking routes.

Saxon Switzerland and Bohemian Switzerland - Maps, tickets, attractions, routes, etc.

The Czech Republic and Germany brotherly share one of the most exciting regions in Europe, Bohemian Switzerland and the Saxon Switzerland National Parks. The diverse region is famous for its special rock formations. Hiding among lush pine forests, the hilly countryside is a real bucket list place for everyone. Its...

Leutasch Gorge, Geisterklamm - Everything you need to know

A lesser-known but all the more fabulous gorge lies on the border of Austria and Germany. It is the Leutasch gorge on the border of Bavaria and Tyrol, originally called Leutaschklamm or Leutascher Geisterklamm. While the Bear Gorge or the Ötschergraben are famous all over Europe, many local families visit...
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