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Zillertal Mountain and Ski Guides

Zillertal mountain guides have a high reputation regarding any mountain-related sports. They are key figures from the beginning of alpinism to the present day in Austria and beyond. The Zillertal area is so diverse that even other Austrian guides speak highly about it. Association of Austrian Mountain and Ski Guides...

Maribor - Pohorje skiing (2022) - Everything you need to know

Slovenia often falls out of the horizon because we always have a different more up-to-date destination. If someone is headed to the coast, they are most likely to choose Croatia; who wants to go skiing, they head toward Austria, maybe Slovakia. A few years ago, people rediscovered Lake Bled, which...

Slovenia Ski Resorts (2022) with map - Everything you need to know

Hearing the name Slovenia, the first things that come to your mind are probably Bled, the Triglav National Park, or perhaps the Slovenian coast. The tiny country does not lag in winter sports either. Lovers of skiing are also visiting Slovenia regularly. Although the ski slopes are certainly not the...

How To Find The Right Ski Area? - Part 1

Picking the right ski area is not easy. One needs to take into consideration many different factors. Let's take a look at those!...

Detailed Guide to the Ice Palace of Hintertux, Zillertal

Nature’s Ice Palace (Natur Eis Palace) at the Hintertux Glacier is a natural gem that is an ideal year-round program destination for the whole family. The ice castle is a crevasse, a deep cave-like crack found in a Hintertux glacier. This natural treasure exists due to a regular ice...
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