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Useful posts about the top attractions, cities, and programs in Hungary. Focusing on nature, castles, gorges, waterfalls, etc. with hiking & biking routes.

Szentendre Top 12 Attractions - Map, entries, opening hours, pictures, etc.

You have a wide variety of weekend getaway destinations around Budapest. If you don’t want to travel far from the capital city, Szentendre is an excellent choice. The city awaits vibrant cultural and artistic programs almost all year round. It is not a coincidence, that it is one of...

Heviz Thermal City of Hungary - Top 8 Attractions with Maps

Lake Heviz (Hévíz), with its magnificent azure colors, is used by bathers from all over Hungary. The characteristic towers of the main building provide a pleasant shade, while you can admire the green fauna from the pier. If it was a bigger lake, it could be even compared to Lake...

Tihany Top 11 Attractions - with maps and pictures

Tihany is located on the North coast of Lake Balaton, the Hungarian sea (the biggest lake in the country). It's the most beautiful of the lake, the center of summer vacations. While Siofok in the South part is ideal for younger people looking for beaches and fun, Tihany is more...
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