The wonder of the Bakony - one of Hungary's most interesting natural formations - is the primaeval karst on Úrkút. The chasm on the side of Csárda Hill is a real top-ranked place in the area. Our path leads down and up wooden stairs, surrounded by huge rock walls. Inside the karst, you can see the special vegetation or even the former sea remains in the rock wall.

It is an exciting and easy trip, which will be a perfect choice even with children.


Urkut Karst Details
Country Hungary
Location Bakony, Balaton Uplands National Park
area 2,2 ha
Distance from Budapest 2 hours / 145 km
Address Úrkút, Kossuth u. 29, 8409
Season Jan - Dec
Opening hours Every day, 0:00 - 24:00
Prices Free
Time you need 45 mins
Barrier-free? No
Dog-friendly? Yes
Website Balaton Uppland NP


The Úrkút Primeval karst gorge in Hungary

Where is the Úrkút primeval karst?

Address, map, distances, access, parking, entrance

The karst can be found in the Transdanubian Mountains, more precisely in the Bakony. It is part of the Balaton Uplands National Park. The unique attraction is located in Úrkút, not far from Lake Balaton. It is 30 - 50 minutes by car from Veszprém and Tihany.

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  • Address: Úrkút, Kossuth u. 29, 8409
  • Distance from Budapest: 1.5 hours / 145 km
  • Distance from Tihany: 45 mins / 40 km
Urkut map
  • Starting point: Tüzér utca
  • Parking: free of charge at the entrance
  • Entrance: on the outskirts of the village, in front of the karst

More about the karst ...

The 2.2-hectare area is world-famous and unique. The karst is millions of years old, so the remains of the former sea can be discovered in the rock walls. You can observe marine animals and sediments with calcareous shells.

We are not just talking about a beautiful and romantic sight, but an unparalleled geological formation that was placed under nature conservation in 1953.


An educational trail leads to and around the prehistoric karst, of which a map can be found here.

Study trail of Urkut Primeval karst

Educational trail

There is even a study trail in the karst that was created in 2013. The route consists of 6 stations and is approximately 1 km long. Calculate with 45 - 60 minutes to finish the path.

In 2013, the karst was chosen as the Geological Value of the Year.

The entrance is easy to find, you will see a wooden fence and gate. The entrance is the first stop of the trail. Even at the beginning of the route, the road branches into two. You have to choose the route on the right. Going forward, you will soon reach the wooden stairs.

Stepping into the karst, you will encounter slightly humid air and lush vegetation. The huge rock walls surrounding the path are tens of meters high.

The remains of Jurassic are more visible from the stairs or at the bottom of the gorge.

The way back leads up the same stairs. After that, you can continue on the edge of the gorge by reaching the fourth station of the trail (the pit). Although the route can be walked in both directions, it's worth following the numbering. 4 -> 5 -> 6

Attention! The tour is not difficult in terms of time or level difference. As the terrain is a bit technical, it is worth wearing at least sports shoes to avoid any accident. In rainy weather, wear closed-toe ankle footwear.


Urkut Primeval karst

Opening hours

The karst is open to the public every day of the year. There are no opening hours, but entry after dark is not recommended due to the risk of accidents.

When to visit?

The karst offers an unparalleled view in all seasons. In autumn, the fantastic colors dominate the view, and in summer the terrain is lush, jungle-like vegetation.

Admission and prices

The primeval karst can be visited free of charge without admission.


No, unfortunately the karst is not barrier-free. It is not accessible by stroller or wheelchair. The trail has a number of steps that are steep - so it is not advisable to visit with a crutch either.

Dog friendly?

Yes, you can bring a dog on a leash. Small puppies should be carried on the stairs - to avoid spinal injuries.

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