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Gamlitz, The most beautiful wine town in Austria

Gamlitz is a charming Austrian wine-producing town not far from the Slovenian border. The hilly countryside is ideal for wine tours and hiking. One of the most popular leisure activities is cycling. Gamlitz is the largest wine-producing town in Styria. With about 400 hectares of grapes, 10% of the province’...

Zillertal Mountain and Ski Guides

Zillertal mountain guides have a high reputation regarding any mountain-related sports. They are key figures from the beginning of alpinism to the present day in Austria, and beyond. The Zillertal area is so diverse that even other Austrian guides speak highly about it. Association of Austrian Mountain and Ski GuidesThe...

Almenland Naturpark - 7 things you shouldn't miss

In an earlier post, we summed up everything you need to know about Bärenschützklamm (Bear Gorge). You've certainly heard of the popular Austrian gorge and seen a lot of pictures, but do you know what else you can do in the area? While writing that earlier post, I was also...

Sigmund Thun Gorge - Kaprun 2022

Kaprun offers many fabulous sights and natural treasures. The area, which functions as a ski paradise in winter, is a real excursion and hiking paradise in summer. A lot is happening, families and couples come and go in the area. One of the top attractions in summer is Kaprun's gorges....

Barenschutzklamm, Austria 🐻 - Opening hours, tickets, hiking routes, weather, etc.

The Bärenschützklamm is an adventurous, romantic region that surely deserves a place on your bucket list. If the gorge fever that has been circulating around for years has reached you, too, then the Bear Gorge in Austria promises the perfect weekend tour for you. If you love nature, lakes, and...

7 Maps of Austria - For summer vacation or skiing

Regarded as the pearl of Europe, Austria - Österreich in German - is a real treasure chest for lovers of nature and skiers. In winter one often goes skiing or snowshoeing, in summer one goes hiking and relaxing. There are hundreds of attractions in the country and more than 250...

Ötschergräben 2022 - Austria's most popular hiking destination

The Ötschergräben compared to the Grüner see or even the Barenschützklamm, is the most popular excursion destination in Austria. The gorge next to the Ötscher mountain is now often referred to only as of the Grand Canyon of Austria. The gorge, about 2-2.5 hours from Vienna, is an ideal...
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