The 600-meter-long Lötzklamm is one of the gorges Tyrol's official tourism association recommended. The history of the child-friendly excursion destination, filled with legends, will also attract the little ones. Those more interested in the view can also visit the impressive 30-meter-high waterfall.

Map - Where is Lötzklamm gorge?

The gorge can be found in Austria, in the province of Tyrol. It is located west of Innsbruck (the seat), next to the town of Zams, which can be reached on the A12 road.

  • Address: Lötz, 6511 Zams, Austria
  • Distance from Innsbruck: 50 minutes / 75 km
  • Distance from Vienna: 50 minutes / 75 km

Opening hours

The gorge is open every day between May and October from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The last entry is possible at 4 pm. The gorge is closed in winter, except on Wednesday evenings when you can take a guided tour.

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  • Summer season: May - October
  • Opening hours: 10:00 - 17:00, every day
  • Winter opening hours: October - April (open on Wednesday evenings)
Although the gorge closes at 5 p.m., it is still open on Wednesday evenings in January, February, July, and August. In this case, you can participate in the roughly 1.5-hour tour starting at 19:30.


It costs 3.5 euros for an adult and 2 euros for a child. Cash should be with you. There is no possibility for online payment. In winter, tickets for the evening tour are roughly 1 euro cheaper.

  • Adult admission: 5 euros
  • Children's admission: 4 euros
  • Under six years old: free

Legend of the Gorge

According to the legend an old blacksmith lived in the Zammerloch Gorge. After the death of his wife, the blacksmith lived in seclusion from the outside world until his heart was hardened by loneliness. One day, however, he saw a beautiful nymph singing at the vast waterfall. Complaining about his grief, the nymph moved in with the blacksmith and continued to live with the old man as her daughter.

Over time, the young men of the neighborhood all fell in love with the beautiful girl. A shepherd boy finally asked for the girl's hand in marriage, but the blacksmith did not want to let the girl go, so he gave the boy three impossible tasks. As usual, the boy passed the test, but the blacksmith used a sneaky trick to cut the bridge under the boy, who fell into the brook and turned into a bull. The legend has it that the girl managed to escape from her father and now she lives in the gorge with the boy.

One of the most beautiful points of the gorge is the 30-meter-high Lötz waterfall.

More about the gorge

In connection with the legend, you can see the shepherd boy and the nymph in their stone form, a suspension bridge, a cave, a waterfall, the blacksmith's workshop, and many exciting attractions. The gorge is a real experience for children, as they will be entertained by the story woven into the fairy tale.

Hiking trail

The Lötzklamm is only 600 meters long, so you don't have to walk a lot. It takes about 1 hour to hike back. The terrain, the distance, and the difference in level are not significant, so it can be considered a leisure tour.

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