Just a few minutes from Lienz, in Osttirol (East Tyrol), you will find the majestic Galitzenklamm Gorge and a leisure centre built around it. The Galitzenbach formed the gorge, but the Via Ferrata system is the main attraction here. It is located between huge rock walls featuring a fabulous sight so climbers can enjoy routes at all levels.

There is also a water park with a maze, a forest zipline trail, and a rock climbing area. The gorge is a great destination for families, friends and couples alike. For children, the gorge is a great experience!

Quick Details

Galitzenklamm gorge Details
Country Austria
Regions East Tyrol, Alps
Distance from Vienna 5 hours / 410 km
Season May - October
Opening hours Every day 10-17 (9-18 in the main season)
Prices 8 Euros
Family-friendly? Yes
Dog-friendly? No information
Barrier-free? No
Parking Next to the entrance
Website Osttirol.com

Map - Where is the Galitzenklamm located?

Galitzenklamm is just a few kilometres away from the Dolomites. It is located in Lienz, East Tyrol (Osttirol) in Austria, near the Italian border. You are between the peaks of the Alps.

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  • Address: Galitzenklamm 39908 Amlach
  • Distance from Innsbruck: 3.5 hours / 176 km
  • Distance from Vienna: 5.5 hours / 410 km
Galitzenklamm - Vienna distance


You can park next to the entrance for free. There is a restaurant and souvenir shop at the entrance to the gorge.

A unique place for the whole family

More about the gorge

Galitzenklamm is a typical alpine gorge where your route goes through wooden bridges. The trail includes several bridges and stairs, adding to the excitement and making the hike an unforgettable experience. It is unique, as its walls have several via Ferrata routes.

Find the Water Show Trail educational trail in the gorge. The path provides insights into the area's geology, flora, and fauna. Visitors can learn about the history and formation of the gorge, as well as the ecological significance of the region.

To reach the upper viewpoint, you need approximately 20 minutes. Calculate 40 - 60 minutes for the tour in the gorge (without climbing), and add an extra 15 minutes with the kids.

The gorge is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, stunning rock formations, cascading waterfalls, and lush vegetation. Combining these elements, the gorge creates a serene and picturesque landscape that is a feast for the eyes.

The gorge is home to various flora and fauna, including rare and protected species. This makes it an excellent destination for nature lovers.

Galitzenklamm gorge in East Tyrol, Austria

Via Ferrata

The most popular activity is rock climbing, which is more popular than hiking. Here is an excellent opportunity for those who love the sport or want to get to know it now. During climbing, you can get through the whole gorge or try the family - beginner - route.

Via Ferrata routes Highlights
Adrenaline A lake with stunning blue water embedded in huge rock walls
Dopamine Three waterfalls on the 250 meters-long route
Endorphine 6 meters high ladder (700 m long, 400 m level diff.)
  • Level: all levels
  • Min age: 12 years (rock climbing is available for kids from 12 years of age. )
The cable system is over 900 m long and overcomes a 400-meters level difference. One of the highlights of the gorge is the 6 meters high ladder, three waterfalls, and an emerald green lake.


Galitzenklamm video


Yes, the gorge can be visited even with small kids. Rock climbing is available from 12 years of age.


No, the gorge is not accessible by wheelchair or stroller.


We have no information.

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