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Zillertal Mountain and Ski Guides

Zillertal mountain guides have a high reputation regarding any mountain-related sports. They are key figures from the beginning of alpinism to the present day in Austria, and beyond. The Zillertal area is so diverse that even other Austrian guides speak highly about it. Association of Austrian Mountain and Ski GuidesThe...

Tyrolean castles: Burgenwelt Ehrenberg - With map

If you love castles, ruins, history, and Tyrol, don't miss out on Ehrenberg Castle. Right on the German border, the castle ruins are a real treat for the eyes and feet - as you can walk comfortably between the buildings in the area. An ideal program not only for families...

Tyrol: The 14 most beautiful gorges - with maps

When being in Tyrol, you can’t come home without looking at at least one gorge. The fabulous region is full of romantic gorges just waiting to be explored. You can easily find a family-friendly canyon that kids will love as well. Examples are the Leutasch gorge or the Wolfsklamm...

6 kid-friendly castle ruins of Tyrol - with maps

Old, historic castles always provide a very special experience for their visitors. Not only do they offer us a beautiful sight, but they have a colorful past dating back centuries. Tyrol has not only gorges and waterfalls but also castles - and their ruins. From these lesser-known castles, it was...

Innsbruck Top 17 Attractions - with maps and pictures

Innsbruck is the center of the province of Tyrol and one of the most famous cities in Austria. Named after the Inn River, the alpine town is a real paradise for nature lovers. In winter, skiers, and snowboarders, in summer hikers take over the countryside. Due to its location and...

Bike parks near Innsbruck πŸš΄πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸŒ²

The names of Tyrol and Innsbruck are already intertwined. The Tyrolean province is also a center of hiking, skiing, and, of course, cycling, so this time we are mapping the adrenaline parks around Innsbruck. The parks are ideal for families with children, but groups of friends will also be looking...

Maps of Tyrol 2022 – Useful informations and maps

Everyone is familiar with the name of Tyrol, as the area is perhaps the most famous province in all of Europe. The region in Austria is one of the strongholds of skiing, while in summer those looking for an active, and to hike in the Alps. Even families with children...
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