Gleirschklamm Gorge is located north of Innsbruck, and the Gleirsch River carved it. It is a wild and romantic hiking destination. Many believe that this region, nestled beside the Karwendel mountain range, truly showcases the picturesque beauty of Tyrol. It is famous for its breathtaking beauty, with steep limestone walls on both sides of the gorge. Lush vegetation, clear water, and cascading waterfalls add to the charm of this natural wonder.

It can be accessed via a well-maintained hiking trail that leads through the narrow canyon. It is a relatively easy hike, suitable for families and beginners.


  • Season: May - October
  • Opening hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm | 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Prices: free
  • Location: Scharnitz, Tyrol, Austria
  • Hike: 15 km | 5 hours | 400 m
  • Barrier-free? No
  • Dog-friendly? Yes
  • Website

Map - Where is Gleirschklamm Located?

Gleirschklamm is located near the village of Scharnitz in the Tyrol region of Austria. It is situated amid the peaks of the Alps, within the Karwendel Alpine Park, a beautiful mountainous area. The German border and Mittenwald are just a short drive away.

  • Distance from Innsbruck: 40 km
  • Distance from Mittenwald (Germany): 12 km
  • Distance from Vienna: 520 km
  • Address: Hinterautalstraße 555b, 6108 Scharnitz, Austria


There is parking available near Gleirschklamm. Once you arrive at Scharnitz, you will find designated parking areas in the village or close to the trailhead leading to the gorge. You can start your hike from these parking areas.

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About the gorge

  • To ensure visitor safety and preserve the natural environment, wooden walkways and footbridges have been constructed along the trail, making it easy to traverse the gorge.
  • During the hike, you can witness a variety of plant and animal life. If you're lucky, you may spot native wildlife, such as birds and small mammals, during your hike.
  • Gleirschklamm – also known as Gleirsch Gorge, is a natural wonder cherished by hikers and nature enthusiasts for its stunning beauty and unique geological features.


The gorge was carved over millennia by the erosive force of the Gleirschbach stream, which cut through the limestone rocks, creating the narrow and picturesque canyon. The crystal-clear waters of the river formed small waterfalls and cascades along the way. Its source lies in the Karwendel Mountains, part of the more extensive Northern Limestone Alps. The exact location of its source may vary depending on the contributing springs and streams.

Hiking Trail

A well-maintained hiking trail leads through the gorge. The trail features wooden walkways and footbridges, making navigating through the narrow canyon relatively easy.

  • Length: 15 km
  • Duration: 5 hours (loop trail)
  • Elevation: 400 meters
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Starting point: Scharnitz Train Station
  • Kid-friendly? Yes (12+)
  • Dog-friendly? Yes
  • Barrier-free? No

Opening hours and Prices

The gorge is closed during the winter and spring but can be visited from May to November. The opening at the beginning of the season is weather-dependent, and the gorge usually closes at the end of October. Entrance is free.

  • Season: May - October
  • Summer opening hours: 09:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Off-peak opening hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Admission fee: 0 euros

Kid and dog-friendly? Barrier-free?

  • Gleirsch gorge is kid-friendly, but due to the length of the hike, it is recommended for older children aged 10-12 and above.
  • You can bring your dog on a leash into the gorge.
  • None of the parts of the gorge are wheelchair-accessible or suitable for crutches.

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