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Useful posts about the top attractions, cities, and programs in Switzerland. Focusing on nature, castles, gorges, waterfalls, etc. with hiking & biking routes.

Top 10 attractions in Zermatt with maps and pictures

At 1608 meters, Zermatt is located at the foot of one of the most well-known mountains in the Alps, the Matterhorn in Switzerland. The small settlement in the valley is truly a pilgrimage site for lovers of climbing. Besides climbers, families are also taking a trip by train to the...

Climbing Matterhorn – Everything you need to know: camps, routes, weather, huts, equipment, etc.

The Matterhorn with its 4478 meters is one of the highest mountain peaks in the Alps and certainly one of the most famous as well. The mountain top, which also appears on the Toblerone chocolate, is climbed from Italy or Switzerland by about 3000 people a year. With this, the...

Hiking from Euthal to Innerthal - Through Chli Aubrig and Gross Aubrig

What awaits me is a 17 km long hike from Euthal to Innerthal through Chli Aubrig and Gross Aubrig. The guide book promises a beautiful panoramic scenery along the way and possibly also funny encounters with locals, such as cows and donkeys....
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