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Fusine lakes (Laghi di Fusine) Guide 2022

Where Italy meets Slovenia and Austria, we find the most beautiful lakes in the country, the Fusine Lakes.  The two lakes are called Lago di Fusine Superiore and Lago di Fusine Inferiore. These two greenish-blue wonders are one the most iconic places of the Alps. Plenty of people "camp out"...

Tarvisio, Italy - Top 9 Attractions & Things to do

Tarvisio is a charming Italian village in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, not far from the Austro-Slovenian border. Due to its small population and small size, the beautiful alpine area attracts many tourists every year. Only its ski area is more famous than its traditions with a serious historical past. You won't be...

South Tyrol Map & Guide

Everyone is familiar with the name of the Austrian province of Tyrol. However, it is less known that one of the northern provinces of Italy is also Tyrol, more precisely South Tyrol. Of course, the two provinces are adjacent, and both are located in the Alps. In the past, Sout...

South Tyrol, Italy - Top 16 attractions with map

Austria and Italy fraternally share one of Europe’s most beautiful, exciting provinces, Tyrol. South Tyrol on the Italian side is one of the favorite destinations for hikers and nature lovers, regardless of the season. We have collected the most exciting excursion destinations and the most beautiful sights for you....
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