The most popular gorge in Switzerland is the 1.4 km long Aare Gorge (Aareschlucht). The limestone chasm formed 10,000 years ago was created by the water of the melting glaciers. 50-meter-high rock walls bound the narrow gorge on both sides. During the child-friendly, easy route, an impressive view unfolds before your eyes, as its width varies between 1 and 30 meters.


Aare gorge Details
Length 1.4 km (approx 1 hour)
Hiking trail Easy | Child-friendly
Prices 7-10 euros
Season Apr-Oct
Opening hours 8:30 - 17:30, every day
Country Switzerland
Address Aareschlucht, 3862 Innertkirchen
Kid friendly? Yes
Dog friendly? Yes
Barrier-free? Partly


Aare gorge, Aareschlucht

Map - Where is the Aare Gorge?

The Aareschlucht is located in Switzerland. It is located in Haslital, in the eastern Bernese Oberland, at the foot of the Grimsel and Susten passes. The Haslital is one of the large transverse valleys of the Alps, stretching from the Grimsel Pass to Lake Brienz.

  • Address: Aareschlucht, 3862 Innertkirchen, Switzerland
  • Distance from Zurich: 1.5 hours / 100 km
  • Distance from Bern:  1.5 hours / 90 km


The gorge has two entrances, one on the east side and one on the west side. The western entrance is in Meiringen - perhaps more popular. The entrances are all connected to stations on the Meiringen-Innertkirchen railway, with the Aareschlucht West station at the western end of the gorge and the underground Aareschlucht Ost (East) station connecting to the eastern entrance.

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More about the gorge

The flat valley floor of the lower valley is separated from the upper valley by an imposing rock ledge called "Kirchet". Over tens of thousands of years, the Aare River has eroded its course through the limestone cliffs of the "Kirchet", creating the Aare Gorge, which is only 1-2 meters wide in places.

The hiking trail in the gorge was built between 1887 and 1889, in just 2 years. First, the western and later the eastern entrance were finished.

Almost all of the path consists of a wooden structure built on a cantilevered metal frame, which is attached to the rock wall. There is mostly no cover above the route, with the exception of a few sections where the path goes into a short tunnel.

The Aare gorge is a natural wonder 1,400 meters long and 200 meters deep.

The imposing gorge can be easily and safely traversed via pedestrian bridges and tunnels in about 45 minutes. When it rains, the mass of water in the gorge is greater, which makes the atmosphere even more exciting and lavish.

Aareschlucht's opening hours

  • Season: April - October, every day
  • Opening hours: 8:30 - 17:30 (until 18:30 in summer)
Attention! The eastern entrance to the gorge only opens its doors in mid-May. The western end of the strait opens already at the beginning of April.


Tickets cannot be bought online, only on site. Have cash with you, but card payment also available.

  • Adult ticket: 10 euros
  • Child ticket: 6.5 euros
  • Under 6 years old: free
  • For dogs: free of charge
You can buy a combined ticket to the nearby Reichenbach waterfall. Adult and child tickets range from 18 to 13 euros.

Is Aare child friendly?

Yes, the gorge is child-friendly, feel free to take the little ones too. Neither the hiking distance nor the elevation gain is significant. The terrain is not technical.

Dog friendly?

Yes, feel free to bring your dog, but be prepared with a leash. You can her/him in for free.


The gorge is partly barrier-free. Strollers are not allowed, but narrow wheelchairs can enter in the low season. During the summer season, so many people visit the gorge that unfortunately even smaller wheelchairs cannot go in.

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