The highest waterfall in Tyrol is the 159-meter-high Stuibenfall. It dazzles passers-by with its enormous water amount. An exciting point during the trail is an 80-meter-long steel suspension bridge over the deep chasm. It will test your courage (and knee).

The waterfall carries water from the Horlachbach River. It can be reached with an easy, family-friendly hike. A path of wooden steps leads up to the waterfall, which consists of no less than 700 steps.


Stuibenfall Details
Height 159 m
Country Austria (Tyrol province)
Area Ötztal (Alps)
Distance from Innsbruck 1 hour / 70 km
What is it known for? Highest fall of Tyrol
Season May - Oct, every day
Prices Free
Kid friendly? Yes
Dog friendly? Yes, but not recommended
Barrier-free? No


Stuiben waterfall

Map - Where is Stuibenfall located?

Stuibenfall waterfall is located in Tyrol, Austria. It is in Ötztal and part of the Alps. You need to drive west from Innsbruck, then change your way to the south. The waterfall is only 45 minutes away from the settlement of Umhausen.

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  • Location: Ötztal
  • Address: Stuibenfall Österreich, Niederthai, Austria
  • GPS: 47° 7′ 34.99878″, 10° 57′ 12.1289″
  • Distance from Innsbruck: 70 km / 1 hour
  • Distance from Vienna: 70 km / 1 hour
Stuibenfall map - Innsbruck distance
Tip: The waterfall is illuminated on Wednesday evenings. You can go up with a local guide as part of a guided tour during the summer.

Opening hours and prices

The waterfall can be visited for free; there is no entrance fee.

  • Season: May - October
  • Opening hours: every day

Dog friendly?

Technically, dogs are not forbidden from the stairs, but we don't recommend taking your dog with you.

Via Ferrata

Those who want to get even closer to the waterfall can use the via Ferrata route attached to the rock wall. The 450-meter-long, family-friendly route can only be used with the right equipment and experience. Here, you can enjoy not only the waterfall but also the panorama of the surrounding area.

  • Route starting point 1: Bischoffsplatz (approx. 45 minutes walk from bottom to top)
  • Route starting point 2: Niederthai (approx. 45 minutes walk from top to bottom)
Stuibenfall via Ferrata trail

Stuibenfälle or Stuibenfall?

There is another waterfall that has a very similar name. The other Stuibenfalle has a plural form, as it means waterfalls. It is located in a gorge containing more than one waterfall. Both waterfalls are located in Tyrol - but they are separated by 85 km.

Stuibenfälle waterfall, Reutte Naturpark (85 km from Stuibenfall)
Stuibenfall - Stuibenfalle distance

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