Waterfalls in Austria

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Discover Austria's waterfalls: locations, details, hiking trails, parking, best time to visit ... Kid-friendly? Dog-friendly? Barrier-free? Is it open 7/24? Is there an entrance fee?

Grawa Waterfall Guide 2022 - Parking, prices, trails ...

The 85-meter-wide Grawa waterfall in Tyrol is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the province. The Krimml waterfall's little sister is fed by the Sulzaubach river. Its height can reach 120-180 meters. A viewing point area has been created at the foot of the waterfall, where you can sunbathe...

Stuibenfall Guide 2022 - Tyrol's highest waterfall

The highest waterfall in Tyrol is the 159-meter-high Stuibenfall. It dazzles passers-by with its enormous water amount. An exciting point during the trail is an 80-meter-long steel suspension bridge over the deep chasm. It will test your courage (and knee). The waterfall carries water from the Horlachbach river. It can...

Krimml Waterfall Guide 2022 - Map, parking, details ...

You don't need to travel to Iceland, or Canada, to find "those" huge and amazing waterfalls. You only need to go to Austria. Krimml waterfall (Krimmler Wasserfälle) is located at the edge of the Western part of Salzburg, Austria - humbly in the heart of Europe. You can find the...
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