The 40-meter-high Schleierfall waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in South Tyrol. The waterfall, accessible by hiking, is a graceful cascade resembling a veil. The hiking route is fabulous, with breathtaking views of the surrounding Alps and the Grossglockner (since you're in its southern part). If you come here in summer, expect a higher water flow and a thick, powerful waterfall. By the way, the waterfall comes from the Staniskabach.

Attention! The waterfall has several names. Staniskabach wasserfall, Schleierfall and Haslacherfall are also in use.

Where is the Haslacher - Schleierfall waterfall?

The waterfall is in Austria, more precisely in the Hohe Tauern National Park, near Kals am Großglockner. You are in South Tyrol, in the Kalsertal valley. Many people choose the Lucknerhaus tourist house as their starting point, and from there, take a longer hike to reach the Schleierfall.

  • Location: Staniska-Huben-Matrei in Osttirol
  • Distance from Lienz: 25 km
Haslacher waterfall

Hiking Route

A hiking trail from the Lucknerhaus can reach the waterfall and follow almost the entire river length. The hut is also a popular starting point for various hikes. The hike is relatively moderate. Usually, it can be completed in 2 hours (one way). The path takes you through alpine meadows, forests, and rocky terrain.

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