One of the best-known attractions of the Hohe Tauern National Park is the Ankogel range (and peak), a Mecca for climbers. The mountain is one of the popular destinations for climbers who have "outgrown" the 2,000-meter mountains and want to jump a level. If you are flirting with the idea of ​​climbing the friendly Ankogel, I recommend our current article to your attention.

You can gain a lot of experience and practice on relatively easy terrain so that, in the meantime, you will enjoy a dazzling sight and an experience of a lifetime. During the peak conquest, you can try alpine climbing, high mountain hiking, and more technical rock climbing secured with a rope.

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Conquering Ankogel is roughly a 2-3 day program, and the shortest climb only takes 6-7 hours. The entire program can fit into a long weekend.

If you can, you should go for more time, because there are plenty of sights, natural wonders, and lakes waiting to be discovered in the Alps and around Ankogel mountain!


Ankogel Details
Distance from Vienna 380 km / 5.5 hours
Country Austria
Basecamp Mallnitz
Height 3254 m
Range Ankogel, Alps
Duration 2 - 3 days
Season Jan - Dec
The best month for climbing June - Sept
Known routes 4 routes
Easiest route Mallnitz - Ankogelbahn – Hannoverhaus - Ankogel
Is a tour guide mandatory? No
Is previous experience needed? Recommended (on a 2000-meter mountain)
Is a permit needed? No
  • Ankogel also denotes a mountain group that is part of the Hohe Tauern (High Tauern), similar to the Grossglockner.
  • It is the second highest peak of the mountain group; the 3,360-meter-high Hochalmspitze took first place.
  • Conquering the 3,254-meter peak of Ankogel can be added to your bucket list whether you are a hiker or a great mountaineer.


Ankogel, Austria

Map - Where is Ankogel located?

Ankogel is located in Austria, precisely in the central-eastern range of the Alps. According to public administration, it belongs to the provinces of Carinthia and Salzburg. The base camp is in Mallnitz, so we used this as a reference on the map.

  • Distance from Vienna: 370 km / 5 hours
  • Distance from Salzburg: 177 km / 2 hours
Ankogel map - Vienna distance

What should you know about Ankogel?

In 1762, a farmer named Patschg was the first to reach the top of the glacier. Interestingly, the mountain group's highest peak was conquered in 1859.

The popularity of Ankogel is also because it is one of the most easily accessible routes among the three thousand peaks. The reason for this is that in the 1960s, work began on the construction of the cable car, and in 1965, the first stage was launched, and in 1966, the second stage of the Ankogelbahn began to operate.

The first section is 1,808 meters long, which takes you up to a height of 1,941 meters. The second section is 2,387 meters long and takes up to 2,637 meters.

Another interesting thing about Ankogel is a huge ski resort on the side of the mountain, where visitors are welcomed with 12 ski slopes. Among the pistes, there are 3 blue, 4 red and 5 black pistes, so it is an excellent destination for a family at different levels.

Ankogelbahn cable car

The cable car starts from Mallnitz and has two stations. One is the so-called middle station (1989 m), and the other is the upper station (2650 m). You should check the schedule of the lifts before you go, as the elevators do not operate in bad weather.

  • In winter (December 19 - April 5): 08:30 - 16:30, every day
  • In summer (27 June – 13 September): 08:30 – 16:30, every day
Map of the Ankogelbahn | website

Where is the Ankogel base camp?

Ankogel's base camp is in the Austrian town of Mallnitz. You can find alternative base camps as well:

  • Böchstein
  • Bad Gastein
  • Kölnbreinspeicher

You can also choose Böchstein or Bad Gastein as a starting point, located west of the peak, or Kölnbreinspeicher. It approaches the peak from the north-south direction. If you choose these, you must prepare for a longer hike, and you can't use the cable car near Mallnitz to go up.

Ankogel basecamp - Mallnitz

Do I need a permit to climb?

No. You don't even need a permit to climb Ankogel.

Do you need a professional guide?

It is not mandatory to be accompanied by a tour guide, but if this is the first 3,000-meter mountain, then a private guide or a training camp is recommended. Preparatory camps are also regularly organized by local tour guides. A couple-day camp is perfect for learning the necessary techniques.

Climbing Ankogel in Austria

Best time to climb Ankogel?

Climbing Ankogel is possible in all seasons, winter and summer! However, depending on the season and weather, you may need different tools and equipment for the summit.

  • From the point of view of climbing, the summer period (May - September) is much more ideal, since then you don't have to endure the cold or the huge snow.
  • Clear skies and good visibility are also essential. That's why summer days are more ideal.
  • In terms of temperature, you don't have to expect heat waves in summer. The pleasant, fresh and cool mountain air remains between the mountains.
If you decide not to climb Ankogel during the main season, find out about the opening hours of the huts, as they may be closed in winter.

How many days do you need to climb?

Climbers calculate an average of 2-3 days for the climb, which already contains one extra day (because in extreme weather or poor visibility, you have to wait before climbing).

Climbing routes

Ankogel can be climbed on several routes. The main difference between the trails is how many days you want to climb the peak and at what level of physical exertion. There are 4 known routes to climb Ankogel, of which we present the 2 most popular: with and without a cable car from Mallnitz

Climbing Ankogel With cablecar Without cablecar
Starting point Mallnitz (1215 m) Mallnitz (1215 m)
Number of days 2 days 2-3 days
Level difference 650 m (2637 - 3254 m) 2039 m (1215 m - 3254 m)
Climb on day 1 0 5 hours
Climb on day 2 6 - 7 hours 3 hours

#1 Easy route

  • Route: Mallnitz -> Ankogelbahn cable car (2637 m) -> Lower Ankogel -> Ankogel
  • The easiest and most popular route

The easiest way to climb Ankogel is to go from Mallnitz to the foot of the Ankogelbahn lift and start your journey at 2637 meters. In this case, two days are enough for the climb, so you only have to spend one night at the mountain accommodation.

The morning of the first day is about getting to Mallnitz, and the afternoon is about reaching the upper station by cable car. This first day is more relaxed so that you can tune in to the fresh air.

The adventures begin on the second day. You must climb roughly 600 meters in elevation over a 1-1.5 kilometre stretch. This section is the section between the Lower Ankogel and Ankogel peak.

First, you will reach the 3,096-meter peak of Lower Ankogel with a short mountain walk. If you climb in winter, take off your snowshoes, put on your crampons, and you can start the ridge hike!

You must cross a steep ridge between the two peaks where crampons are needed. The terrain is not considered difficult, but you must be careful, as it is a narrow ridge.

After the ridge, there is one last tiring section, where you reach the summit after about 1 hour of climbing. The routes are well marked and signposted everywhere. Fortunately, the signs are high, so they can be read even in winter and seen from under the huge mass of snow.

You can expect a fantastic view from the 3,252-meter peak. The scenery is majestic, and on a clear day, you can see the other members of the Ankogel mountain range or even the Italian Dolomites.

After eating your chocolate and taking photos at the top, the only thing left is the return trip. Similar to the way up, you have to cross the Lower Ankogel, then back to the hut, from where you can take the cable car or hike the way down (in this case, you have to expect an extra 3-4 hour walk from the hut).

#2 Medium route

  • Route: Mallnitz -> Hochalmblick (1940m) -> Etschlsattel (2546m) -> Bergstation Ankogel (2636m) -> Hannoverhaus (2719 m) -> Ankogel

The other option is not to use the cable car if you want to climb up. In this case, on the first day, you must hike up from Mallnitz to the hut at 2719 meters. This usually takes 5 hours to complete. The next day you will start from there to conquer the summit in approx. 3 hours.

Huts on Ankogel

You will find 2 huts on the mountain, which can be considered as potential accommodation.

#1 Hannoverhaus

The Hannoverhaus is also on the way if you start from Böchstein and also if you come from Mallnitz with the Ankogelbahn. The hut is open in winter and summer (in contrast to the Osnabrücker hut, which is closed in winter).

It is a well-equipped, comfortable, clean and sophisticated shelter, where pillows and blankets are provided for sleeping. At the accommodation, it is possible to sleep in a double room.

#2 Osnabrückerhütte

The other hut is the Osnabrückerhütte, which is at 2032 meters. This gets in the way if you start your adventure from Kölnbreinspeicher. If you plan to climb in winter, be aware that the hut is only open between June and September.

Hut prices

  • Adult double: 42 euros
  • Adult multi-bed: 39 euros
  • Junior double: 39 euros
  • Junior multiple beds: 30 euros
  • Child double and multiple beds: 16.50 euros

(Prices might slightly increase every year!)

Prices and costs

How much does it cost to climb Ankogel?

The accommodation provides half board, which is 40 euros in summer and 45 euros in winter, including breakfast and dinner. Based on this, if you spend one night in the shelter, in a shared room with several beds, and eat breakfast and dinner, you will have to pay around 90 euros.

In addition to the accommodation fee, you must also pay for travel, equipment rental, the Austrian highway toll if necessary, and the cable car entrance fee if you travel by cable car. The price of the Ankogelbahn to the top stop is 30 euros for adults, 21 euros for students, and 14 euros for children.

If you haven't climbed a 3,000-meter peak yet, you might want to take part in a guided tour or contact a mountaineering guide. There are experienced local guides who organize camps yearly, so you will find one you like for sure.

Climbing Ankogel will be a real physical and mental boost. The not very technical peak is one of Europe's most popular "beginner three thousand" peaks.

Where to stay?

Mallnitz and its surroundings are ideal if you come with your family, but not everyone will climb. Those who "stay at home" can see a lot of natural treasures in the area. Wildlife parks, nature trails, and so many attractions await them while you sweat on the mountain.

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