The Donnersbachklamm (Donnersbach Gorge) is a less-known gorge in Murau, Austria. The gorge, which a 4.5 km hike can walk, follows the Donnersbach River with the same name, sometimes on a forest path or a wooden boardwalk across the creek. It is an easy, child-friendly excursion for the whole family.

The gorge was formed about 12,000 years ago and has been considered a national treasure since 1991. Until 1961, wood was floated into the valley on the creek, which today collects the glacier water. The gorge was opened to tourists in 1936.

Map - Where is the Donnersbachklamm?

You find the gorge between the peaks of the Alps - in Styria, Austria. You follow the path of the Donner stream between the peaks of the Wölzer Tauern mountain range. The gorge belongs to the settlement of Donnersbach. You are in the Alps near the Dachstein -Schladming territory. The famous Hallstatt is only 1 hour away.

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  • Address: Donnersbachklamm 8953 Donnersbach, Austria
  • Distance from Vienna: 3 hours / 270 km
  • Distance from Tauplitz: 20 minutes / 17 km
  • Distance from Schladming: 40 minutes / 45 km
  • Distance from Hallstatt: 1 hour / 50 km
  • Distance from Murau: 1.5 hours / 70 km


You can park at the Gasthof Leitner tourist house in Donnersbach. From there, you follow the signs for about 10 minutes until you reach the entrance to the gorge.

Opening hours and prices

The gorge is open from May to October. There is no exact opening time; you can stay there from dawn to dusk. It is free to visit.

  • Season: May - October
  • Opening hours: from dawn to dusk
  • Free entry

Hiking in the gorge

The route of the gorge valley is about 1 - 1.5 km long, along which you can reach the Holzknechthütte. Coming out of the gorge, you continue along a narrow rock corridor; then, you go toward the Klammsteigruhe on a forest road.

  • In the gorge, you have to follow the route called Triftsteig. You can't get lost because the road is well-maintained and well-signposted. You will also see an old woodcutter's hut at the entrance, where the driftwood was cut up.
  • Next to the path, you will also find information boards to help you learn more about the surroundings.
  • About halfway down the road, you will reach one of the most exciting parts of the gorge, the bridge. The way back does not lead through the canyon; you must take a round trip.
Donnersbachklamm Hike
Length 4.8 km
Level diff. 200 meters
Duration 2 hours
Highest point 830 m - 686 m
Difficulty Easy


Child friendly?

You can bravely take this hike even with younger children.

Dog friendly?

Yes, you can take your dog into the gorge.


Unfortunately, the gorge cannot be visited with a stroller or wheelchair.

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