Nothklamm is one of the best-known gorges in Gesause National Park. The gorge is seven hundred meters long, but you can take the 5-kilometre natural trail with 48 sections to extend the program. While you follow the river uphill, exciting rock formations will take you by surprise.

The gorge is part of the GeoDorf region, which includes the gorge, the educational trail, the Kraushöhle cave, the GeoRama interactive museum and many other exciting sights. The gorge is a nature reserve, so take extra care!

Did you know? The Nothklamm and the better-known Wasserlohklamm gorges are only 13 kilometres apart.

Quick Details

Nothklamm gorge Details
Season Apr - October (every day)
Opening hours 09:00 - 17:00 / 18:00
Prices 6 - 3 euros
Online tickets available? Yes
Country Austria, Province of Styria
Distance from Vienna 2.5 hours / 180 km
Adress Akogel Str. 80/162, 8922 Landl, Austria
Parking GeoWerkstatt (free)
Trail in the gorge 700 m | easy hike | 1.5 hours
Educational trail 5 km | 48 sections
Barrier-free? No
Kid-friendly? Yes (no strollers)
Dog-friendly? Yes (on leash)
Attractions nearby Geodorf, Kraushöhle, Wasserlochklamm, Palfau

Where is the Nothklamm gorge?

Address, map, parking, entrance, distance, approach

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The Nothklamm Gorge is located in the GeoDorf centre (Geovillage) on the river Gamsbach - a tributary of the Enns. It is located in the northern part of Styria, not far from the provinces of Upper Austria and Lower Austria. The gorge can be found along Highway 25 in the village of Gams bei Hieflau.

It is located in Austria and part of the Alps. The nearest well-known town is Palfau - a holiday paradise where you can go canyoning and rafting.

  • Address: Akogel Str. 80/162, 8922 Landl, Austria
  • Distance from Vienna: 2.5 hours / 170 km
  • Distance from Palfau: 12 mins / 10 km
  • Distance from Graz: 2 hours / 110 km
  • Distance from Gesause National Park: 15 mins / 15 km
Nothklamm map - Vienna distance


Find the Geovillage map below. The map shows you can park in several places (points 2 and 7 and in front of the Kraushöhle). It is worth choosing the parking lot at point 2, with a washroom next to the ticket office. Parking: GeoWerkstatt (free).


Nothklamm map | source: website

More about the gorge

The gorge lies between the Gesause Mountains and the Eisenerz Alps. The river, surrounded by 700-meter rock walls, is the Gamsbach stream. This fast-flowing river carved the gorge to its current shape. The water level rises at the beginning of summer and after heavy rains. In times of drought, the river's water level can be shallow.

You will go upstream in the gorge to make the view even more exciting. (You can only go upstream for safety reasons.)

The gorge tour is not barrier-free, so it is unsuitable for wheelchairs or strollers, but the terrain is easy, and the elevation gain is negligible. Even with more minor children, you can bravely go for it. During the hike, the road runs on wooden platforms attached to the rock wall, occasionally replaced by bridges. The wooden path with steel protection will give you many exciting moments.

You should prefer one-way traffic in the gorge - as the route is relatively narrow. Preparing is also worth preparing because the gorge's weather will be slightly more relaxed. Place a thin top layer in your bag.

The Geovillage located here was created to show the richness of the region. There are many interesting stones and minerals - mainly sedimentary rocks. If you keep your eyes open and examine the rock walls more closely, you can see interesting "finds" during your exploration of Nothklamm.

  • Those who prefer plants can also see notable species, as the gorge has a unique microclimate.
  • In the gorge, you can also see a small waterfall, as well as two significant waterfalls, which are a few meters high.
Without longer breaks, you can walk the gorge in 1 hour. It is worth counting at least 1.5 hours, so there is no need to rush.

Opening hours

Nothklamm is closed in winter and spring. The season opens at the beginning of May and lasts until October. Please note that you can't buy tickets online for October. The season's start and end always depend on the weather. As for daily opening hours, the gorge is open every day. In the summer, it has longer opening hours.

  • Season: May - October, every day
  • Opening hours: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Summer opening hours: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Closed: November - April


You can buy tickets on the spot or online. You can pay by card, but you should have cash for safety.

  • Adult ticket: 6 Euros
  • Child ticket: 3 Euros
  • Family ticket: 16 Euros

(Prices might slightly increase every year!)

Hiking through the Nothklamm gorge


No. Unfortunately, neither wheelchairs nor strollers can enter the gorge.

Child friendly?

There is no minimum age limit; you can also go with younger kids. The gorge tour is leisurely so it can be done with a small child.

Dog friendly?

Yes. You can take our dog into the gorge if you put her on a leash. It's worth knowing that, unlike many gorges, there won't be many steps here - but it's worth considering whether your dog can handle the humid climate and the stairs.

Sights in the area

Since Nothklamm is located in the GeoDorf (Geovillage), visiting other local attractions, like Kraushöhle cave, is worth visiting.

  • If you leave the village, the town of Palfau is only 10 minutes away, where you can go hiking, rafting and canyoning.
  • If you're not bored with gorges, visit the Wasserlochklamm, which will offer a completely different experience.

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