Accessible and child-friendly - yet a spectacular excursion awaits those discovering the wildly adventurous Johannesbachklamm gorge. One of Lower Austria's most popular hiking spots runs through a one km-long limestone gorge. The approximately 60-meter-high walls will handle the excitement and the slightly cooler weather.

The walls themselves are a testament to the power of nature. Towering cliffs of ancient rock rise on either side, their rough surfaces a testament to centuries of erosion. You might touch the cold stone walls, feeling their coolness and the intricate patterns created by time and water.

An interesting detail is that the annual Christmas market is in front of the entrance to the gorge in winter!


Johannesbachklamm Details
Season Jan - Dec
Opening hours 0-24
Prices Free
Parameters 1 km long | 150 m level | 30 mins
Location Würflach, Lower Austria, Austria
Vienna distance 1 hour / 80 km
Parking Free
Closest big city Wiener Neustadt
Kid-friendly? Yes
Barrier-free? No
Dog-friendly? Yes
Website -
The play of light and shadow is a constant companion throughout your exploration. As you move deeper into the gorge, the sunlight filters through the canopy above, creating dappled patterns of warmth on your skin and the path ahead. These shifting shades and contrasts add to the magical atmosphere of the place.

Map - Where is the Johannesbachklamm Gorge?

The gorge can be found in Austria, just a few minutes from Wiener Neustadt. You are in the province of Lower Austria, roughly half an hour from the Hungarian border. The gorge belongs to the settlement of Würflach.

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  • Address: Gemeinde, 2732 Würflach, Austria
  • Distance from Vienna: 1 hour / 80 km
  • Distance from Wiener Neustadt: 20 mins / 30 km
  • Distance from St Pölten: 1.5 hours / 100 km


You can park in front of the entrance to the gorge for free. The provided number of places is usually enough to accommodate the cars. If there is no space, you should park in the village, where you only have to walk for 10-15 minutes.

More about the gorge

According to many, the gorge is most beautiful in autumn, as the forest shows its diverse clothing. You don't have to worry that the scenery won't be spectacular enough during the rest of the year. Besides, the rich vegetation, rock walls, and different rock shapes make the experience unforgettable.

  • Moreover, walking in the gorge, you can see two caves, the Johannesbachklammhöhle and the Klammwirthöhle. As far as we know, going into the caves is impossible.
  • The gorge was named after the Johannesbach River, which is also responsible for its formation. Although the gorge has been open to visitors since 1902, it had to be closed several times for maintenance work. As part of this, the river has been regulated in recent years, and even a dam has been built.
  • You can notice a boat at the restaurant next to the entrance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the boats these days, but once, a long time ago, it was possible.

Hiking in the gorge

The gorge is only 1 km long, which we can comfortably walk through in a maximum of 30 minutes (plus the return time). During the journey, your path will lead over wooden platforms and bridges, and the brook will flow under our feet or right next to us.

  • You can return to where you came from, in the gorge (also 1 km back).
  • But, if you want to go on a slightly longer trip, choose the other route of approx. 4 km long hiking trail - which goes out from the gorge.
Johannesbachklamm hike Details
Lenght 5 km (full loop)
Duration 1.5 hours
Level 200 m (or less)
Loop trail? Yes
Difficulty Easy, kid-friendly

Walking along the trail, you'll feel the path underfoot change from gravel to wooden walkways, which offer stability as you navigate the gorge. Handrails guide the way.

You'll hear the constant babbling of the Johannesbach stream as it flows under your feet, creating a soothing backdrop. Birds sing in the trees, their songs echoing off the tall rock walls that enclose the gorge.

The rock walls are rough and calm, bearing the marks of many centuries of erosion. Waterfalls cascade down these cliffs, their rushing water and cool mist offering a refreshing contrast to the sun's warmth.

Along the trail, you can reach out and touch the leaves of ferns, mosses, and wildflowers, each with a unique texture. Occasionally, you might notice the earthy scent of moss and dampness on the rocks.

Tourist huts

During your hike, you will find two huts suitable for rest.

  • At the entrance to the gorge, find the Klammwirtin, where you can stop for something to eat or drink.
  • Once you leave the gorge, you can rest in the Schutzhütte tourist house. It is worth knowing that the hut is open every day in the summer but only on weekends during the rest of the year.

Advent fair

One of Austria's most unique Christmas markets is held once a year at the entrance to the gorge. The exciting thing about the fair is that the tallest Christmas tree in the country is also exhibited here; the decorations alone can reach 4 meters!

The fair usually takes place in the first half of December!

Opening hours and prices

The gorge can be visited for free; you do not have to pay for entry or parking. It has no official opening hours. It's open from dawn till dusk every day - but this can change in the meantime (especially in winter).

  • Prices: free
  • Season: Jan - Dec (it can be closed in winter and spring)
  • Opening hours: every day, 00-24


Yes, the gorge is child-friendly due to its length and elevation. Even with more minor children, you can hike within only one and a half hours.


Although we found no official information, there was no prohibition against bringing your dog. Have a leash, just in case it's mandatory.


The gorge is not barrier-free, as your path leads on stairs, and the width is also unsuitable for a stroller or wheelchair.

Sights in the area

Many famous attractions are located nearby. Not far from the Johannesbachklamm are the following better-known hiking spots:

  • Myrafälle waterfall (35 km): Myrafalle waterfalls are one of the most famous waterfalls in Lower Austria. This is the perfect destination for a day trip with the kids.
  • Steinwandklamm (30 km): Just a couple of minutes from the Myrafalle, you will find this lovely local gem. It is an exciting world where you can hike between massive rock walls, deep into the forest.
  • Rax (40 km): The Rax mountain range, also known as the Raxalpe, lies on the border between the provinces of Lower Austria and Styria. One of Austria's best-known mountains attracts many climbers, hikers, and snowshoers.
  • Schneeberg (55 km): A mountain next to the Rax, a true hiker's paradise. It is a typical destination both in summer and winter, as it is a great highlight of the summer vacation and a stronghold of winter snowshoeing.
  • Semmering (35 km): Semmering is one of the most popular ski resorts and tourist destinations, thanks to the famous Semmering railway, i.e., the Semmeringbahn. We have collected everything you need about the train that cuts through the fabulous countryside.
  • Hohe Wand (12 km): The Hohe Wand is an alpine mountain range, a high plateau, and a nature park in Austria. The nature park was created to preserve and develop the landscape.

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