Nature’s Ice Palace (Natur Eis Palace) at the Hintertux Glacier is a natural gem that is an ideal year-round program destination for the whole family. The ice castle is a crevasse, a deep cave-like crack found in a Hintertux glacier. This natural treasure exists due to a regular ice movement.

The glacial cave is unique worldwide and well-known all over the world. Not surprising that it's one of the most desired destinations for visitors in Tyrol, Austria.

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The ice Palace fascinates adult glacier fans and families with children with its cold natural beauty. The ice cave is open all year round and accessible in all weather. A visit to the Nature Ice Palace can also be combined with a day of skiing on the Hintertux Glacier or with a view from the panoramic terrace.

You can visit this phenomenon using handrails and steps carved into the ice. On guided tours, you will experience a beautiful world - deep beneath the ski slopes. You will discover a glacial cave with magical ice stalactites, giant sparkling ice crystals, frozen waterfalls, and a glacial lake.


Hintertux Ice Palace with kids

Where is the Ice Palace located?

Nature's Ice Palace lies under the Hintertux Glacier's Slopes. Zillertal's attraction is the most convenient for skiers, as the ice cave is inside the ski resort. The palace is 15 meters high and situated directly below the ski runs.

  • Address: Hintertux 794 · 6293 Tux
  • Telefon:  +43 5287 8510

The entrance to the ice cave is only a 3 to 4-minute walk from the top station of the glacier bus 3. This is the starting point of the tours.

Getting there

  • Highway: Inntal autobahn A12 to exit Zillertal. Direction: Zillertal approx. 50 km into the valley. Continue until you reach Hintertux.
    Parking: is available at the base of the Hintertux Glacier Ski Resort.
  • Train station Jenbach - stop for all express trains, Jenbach - Mayrhofen with the Zillertalbahn, from Mayrhofen with the public (Post) bus to Hintertux.
  • The closest airports are: Innsbruck, 80 km, Munich, 180 km, Salzburg, 190 km

Important Details

  • Ticket Office: ascent & descent Gefrorene Wand, 3,250 m
  • Entrance: Top station of the Glacier bus No.3
  • Opening Time: every day
  • Minimum age: 6 years
  • Clothing: Sturdy shoes or ski boots and a warm coat recommended
  • Requirement: no climbing skills are necessary
  • Temperature: constant temperature of 0°C  every day

Weather & Temperature

For the tour, warm layered clothing and appropriate footwear are required. The trip is easily possible with ski boots also. The temperature is always around 0°C, even in summer. In wintertime, the temperature in the cave is often warmer than outside.

I advise you to wear hiking or ski boots as the surface can be slippery. If you are up for kayaking, SUP or swimming, bring extra-warm clothes and towels to warm up after the fun.

A fantastic underground chamber lies beneath the Hintertux Glacier Ski Resort slopes. The palace with giant ice walls and needle-like icicles is located at the southern end of Zillertal Valley.  Ice giants, blue walls, frozen waterfalls, sparkling ice crystals, and a glacial lake summon feelings of awe and miracle.


Zillertal, Hintertux Ice Palace video

Visiting options and tours

A discovery tour of the Natural Ice Palace is an exciting experience and highly recommended for all in Zillertal.

Guided tours are available every day. There are adventurous guided tours or special tours for kids. You can explore the cave through different approaches and vary the options and buy combined tickets. You can try out kayaking, SUP, or ice swimming even in one day. There are parts of the cave that you can't go only by boat, SUP, kayak or swimming.

Special mountaineering knowledge is not necessary for any of the tours.

There is a VIP tour available. It lasts about 60 minutes and shows the most beautiful attractions in the glacier interior. There are two main tour types in the cave:

  • Tours without prior booking (VIP and Anniversary tours)
  • Tours with prior booking (kid tour, SUP, kayaking, photo tour, ice swimming)

Tours without booking

VIP tour with a boat trip

  • Duration approx. 70 min
  • Daily at 10:30 am, 11:30am, 12:30am, 1:30pm, 2:30pm
  • Admission: Adults € 26,00 / Children €13,00
  • Registration, booking: not needed

Anniversary tour without a boat trip

  • Duration approx. 60 min
  • Daily at 10:30 am, 11:30am, 12:30am, 1:30pm, 2:30pm
  • Admission: Adults €21,00 / Children €13,00
  • Registration, booking: not needed

Tours with prior booking

Kids group tour

  • Group size: min 10 children
  • Daily: 9:30 a.m.
  • Minimum age: 6 years
  • Registration: needed

Stand Up Paddling - SUP

Stand-Up Paddling is a new water sport - using a surfboard and one paddle. Explore the glacial lake with a Stand-Up Paddle. On this tour, you can visit places within the glacier, where you can go only by SUP.

  • Group: max. 6 persons
  • Duration: 15-20 min./person
  • Combined Ticket: plus €10,00/person
  • Registration: needed

Exclusive Photo Tour

Photosession in the newly discovered "Hintertuxer Gletscher Kathedrale".
The Exclusive Photo Tour allows you to shoot unique photos of the incredible scenery.

  • Group size: max. 2-4 persons.
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Minimum age: 12 years
  • Combined Ticket: plus €50,00/person
  • Registration: needed

Ice swimming

Ice swimming is for only the strongest and the bravest among us.
The glacier lake is the official training ground for the world's best ice swimmers. As an ordinary citizen, trying out this crazy sport is also possible.

  • Requirements: sporty, healthy condition, and a good mental condition
  • Combined Ticket: plus €10,00/person
  • Equipment: towels, warm clothes
  • Registration: needed

Kayak Tour

This tour is a perfect chance to use your kayak in a unique environment. Paddle your way forward under the surface. Try out this ice cave kayaking. Please note that you should have your kayak and equipment for this trip.

  • Combined Ticket: plus €10,00/person
  • Clothing: Please bring your own sports equipment
  • Registration: needed
The special guided tours (photo tour, kayaking, SUP, ice swimming) is provided by a local tour provider, Roman Erler. The general tours are available on the spot, with tickets purchased at the ticket booth.

Roman Erler

The ski guide - Roman Erler, discovered the crevasse and the ice masterpieces in 2007. Until then, it was hidden for centuries. Since 2007, he was part of the team that made the palace suitable for visitors. Today, he leads multiple guiding tours for visitors.

  • Roman Erler
  • Lanersbach 367 6293 Tux
  • Phone: +43 5287 87287
  • Mobile: +43 676 3070000
  • E-Mail:

Walking Path Description

The underground castle was carved out of snow and ice by nature over time. The accessible section of the glacial crevasse was divided into various parts. Later, it was partly extended with stairs and ladders.

Entry to this hidden complex of caves and tunnels is a spectacular experience. You pass through a giant hall of sparkling turquoise ice into the centre of the hidden gem.

After you put on the safety helmet, a safety harness, and a rope, you will plunge deeper into this fascinating natural wonder. You will immediately forget that you are under the slopes of the ski resort. This encapsulated world takes you through crystal chambers and sparkling ice crystals.  You will spend apr. 60 minutes among the eternal ice, in the unique natural phenomenon.

You will pass hundreds of frozen waterfalls across your way, reaching a glacier lake and an ice chapel lit up in red.

The further you go along the walkway, combined with up and down ladders, the more adventurous your journey will be. Many jaw-dropping moments await you.
On your way, you will pass the 15 metres deep glacial chamber, which is located 25 meters below the ski runs.

The most mentionable highlight of the crystal chamber is the floor, which is a frozen glacial lake! Bring non-slippery boots with you.

A glacier is never pausing; it always moves and adjusts its shape. No matter if these magnificent ice halls and ice rooms are twenty-five meters below the surface, no one can foretell how long the ice castle will be there - and open for visitors.

Don't miss out on the endless ice formations, the stillness and calmness of this hidden beauty! A visit to the ice palace should not be missed.

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