During your holiday in the Zillertal Valley, I courage you to try out some of these unique activities. In this list, you will find the usual skiing and snowboarding along with the more and more popular, newer activities.

I created this list to ensure you have enough information to choose from - if you want to boost your holiday and make the most out of it. If you don't spend every holiday of yours in Zillertal, you will feel the inner urge to maximize your stay here. I hope this summary will help you.

Where I can suggest to you any tour guides, you will find the link to his tours along with the activity. You can easily book his services.

Where Zillertal is located?

Zillertal is a valley (“Zillertal Valley”) in Tyrol, Austria. The region is only 40 km away from Tyrol’s capital, Innsbruck, and it is the most extensive valley south of the Inntal (“Inn Valley”).

It is surrounded by numerous three-thousand-meter-high peaks, including the majestic Tux Prealps, and its two main ridges: the Zillertal Alps and the Kitzbühel Alp.

Its highest point is Hochfeiler, with an altitude of 3,509 meters above sea level.


The region consists of several subregions. These all provide limitless and unforgettable winter sports possibilities to active visitors around the world.

  • Fügen-Kaltenbach, Zell-Gerlos-Zillertal Arena
  • Mayrhofen-Hippach
  • Tux-Finkenberg
  • High Alps Nature Park Zillertal Alps

#1 Skiing and snowboarding

Evidently skiing and snowboarding is the most popular winter activity in the region since Zillertal is the world’s largest skiing valley, consisting of 180 most modern lift facilities that ensure you a quick and comfortable lift from an altitude of 580 meters to an altitude of 3,350 meters above sea level.

535 kilometers of perfectly groomed slopes which provide the right balance and challenge for any taste, including easy, sporty downhill, demanding, and freeride slopes covered in deep powder snow. The sunny panorama and wide carving slopes are highly attractive for families, beginners, and advanced riders.


Furthermore, several snowboard fun parks, permanent racing & speed courses, ski schools, and kindergartens provide their services for the enthusiasts. Uncountable cozy ski huts and mountain restaurants with sun terraces and breathtaking panorama, make the visits of all guests unforgettable.

Ski Resorts

There are four extensive skiing and snowboarding resorts in the Zillertal region:

  • Hochzillertal - Hochfügen - Spieljoch, 90 kilometers of slopes
  • Zillertal Arena, 143 kilometers of slopes
  • Mayrhofner Bergbahnen, 142 kilometers of slopes
  • Ski- & Gletscherwelt Zillertal 3000, 202 kilometers of slopes, combined slopes, some overlap with Mayrhofen

#2 Cross-country Skiing

No question that cross-country skiing clears the head and challenges the whole body. This kind of sport gently strengthens muscles while letting you enjoy the beautiful snowy scenery of the regions.

Enthusiasts of this activity can explore Zillertal on several tours (approx. 40) of over 125-kilometers of cross-country skiing trails with various difficulty levels. The longest track is called “Luggu Gredler Loipe,” departing from Tux, with a distance of over 14 km, with a 210-meter uphill elevation and 1405 meter highest point.

#3 Ice Climbing

Ice climbing in Zillertal is an exciting alternative to the slopes for sporty, ambitious, and intrepid mountain enthusiasts.

Zillertal is a paradise for climbing and bouldering. When the temperatures are below zero, and even the boulderers have their hands in their pockets, it's the best time for the ice climbing fans. In the side valleys of the Zillertal, you will find what your heart desires. In the Zillergrund and Zemmgrund valleys, dozens of ice falls of all levels of difficulty await the participants

Is it dangerous?

Ice climbing is inherently dangerous. But it is also a lot safer than most people would imagine, and far less extreme. In fact, it is safer, than regular climbing. Amongst individuals with the proper training, and with a guidance of a professional, you can decrease the risks. As ice climbing needs special types of equipment, we recommend you to hire a private guide to ensure your safety - and also, they show you the best walls that suit your level.

Guided Ice Climbing

Learn the basics of ice climbing by professional instructors at numerous icy waterfalls. Zillertal; due to its endless ice walls - is a paradise for ice climbers. It also means that the valley is full of great professionals. These state-certificate enthusiasts are perfect for you if you are a beginner, or you have previous experience in conquering challenging walls.

Ice climbing is more and more popular among individuals, as this activity is well-suited for a loner climber with a guide.

#4 Winter hikes

With more than 460 kilometers of cleared trails, the Zillertal offers many opportunities for hikers even in winter. Choose from demanding trails or short, and easy runs. Many of the paths are also suitable for families, beginners, and even toddlers.

Sparkling ice crystals, snow-covered fir branches, and bright sunshine take you into the magical winter landscape. Hiking in the fresh snow became a real supplement. Gentle movement in the oxygen-rich winter landscape is in the foreground. Escape everyday life and enjoy the wonders of nature.

#5 Snowshoe hikes

Experience quiet side valleys with undeveloped and undiscovered mountains and peaks on your own. Most of the ski and alpine schools in the valley offer guided tours with the possibility to rent the necessary sports equipment.

When winter arrives, and it starts snowing, we all like to go out and explore something new. Snowshoeing on the local trails is comfortable in Zillertal, as the area is full of amazing trails, hidden gems, and unknown corners of the valley.

In just a few hours, you can get great exercise and enjoy the silence of the winter woodlands. It’s considerably more active than summer hiking, so you should start slow and easy.

If you are in Zillertal, and up for a half-day or a day snowshoeing, you can rent out the necessary types of equipment (probably your hotel will have), but you can also find a local guide, who would be happy to take you for a great adventure.

#6 Ski Touring

Ski tours have become increasingly popular on snow for many years. You can feel your body, find your rhythm while you enjoy every single step, with a spectacular view and the peaceful silence around you.

Easy ski tours

  • Kleiner Gamsstein, 1924 m
  • Schönbichl, 2049 m
  • Grüblspitze, 2395 m

Medium ski tours

  • Speikspitze, 2324 m
  • Sonntagsköpfl, 2244 m
  • Torhelm, 2452 m
  • Kastenwendenkopf, 2329 m
  • Rastkogel, 2762 m
  • Torspitze, 2663 m
  • Hoher Riffler, 3231 m

Advanced ski tours

  • Nestspitze, 2966 m
  • Ahornspitze, 2973 m

#7 Paragliding

Adventurous people will love paragliding in the spectacular winter paradise. The Zillertal offers one of the most beautiful and most significant paragliding areas in Europe. Mayrhofen is known by paragliders for its outstanding thermals. Enjoy the incredible feeling of flying!

#8 Tobogganing

A toboggan ride in the Zillertal is the ideal family trip and a fantastic experience for young and old - so a must for every winter holiday! Climb on foot or by cable car, enjoy a small magic view and then shoot on one of the 14 perfectly prepared toboggan runs in Zillertal.

The total length of the trails is around 45 kilometers. Also, 30 kilometers of slopes are open in the evening for tobogganing. If you are interested in a fun, the night of tobogganing nothing stands in your way.

#9 Snowtubing

There are many alternative ways to slide down the slopes than with old skis & snowboards. "Snowtubing” is the new crazy snow fun at the Gerlosstein skiing area. All winter fans must try out this fantastic offer on specially designed and prepared lines (about 200 meters long). Besides, the tubing lines can be used for free and as frequently as you wish.

#10 Ice skating

Ice skating is excellent fun for families and adults without children, as well. Sliding over the glassy ice with sharp blades will make you a skate dancer. Nine natural and artificial ice rinks await you to skate in the Zillertal.