Hearing the name Slovenia, the first things that come to your mind are probably Bled, the Triglav National Park, or perhaps the Slovenian coast. The tiny country does not lag in winter sports either. Lovers of skiing are also visiting Slovenia regularly. Although the ski slopes are certainly not the ones people choose in the first place, Slovenia can be a great alternative if you want to try something new.

Before we go deeper into the details of the ski slopes, I think it is important to point out that the Slovenian mountains are also part of the Alps, known as the Julian Alps (JA). The countryside is not far behind the Austrian Alps in size or panorama.

Most of the ski regions in Slovenia are small. In addition to their location, their charm is given by the fact that they are less known among foreigners. Especially because not many people know about their existence, we thought we would introduce you to Slovenia’s top ski resorts so that you can easily decide which is the right destination for you.

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There are roughly 30 ski slopes in Slovenia, but 6 of them are better known and stand out from the rest. These are: Kranjska Gora, Maribor - Pohorje, Cerkno, Rogla, Krvavec, Kanin - Bovec.


Ski slopes of Slovenia Distance from Ljubljana Altitude diff. Height Length Blue slopes Red slopes Black slopes Lifts Day ticket Júlian Alps combo ticket Website
Maribor 130 km / 1,5 hours 1002 m 325 - 1327 m 41,5 km 23,5 km 13 km 5 km 22 db 30 - 40 euro not available https://www.visitpohorje.si/
Krnajska Gora 85 km / 1 hour 415 m 800 - 1215 m 20 km 10 km 8 km 2 km 17 db 30 - 40 euro available https://kranjska-gora.si/en/activities/skiing/
Cerkno 60 km / 1,5 hours 352 m 935 - 1287 m 18 km 9 km 6 km 3 km 8 db 35 - 40 euro available http://www.ski-cerkno.com/sl/index.html
Rogla 110 km / 1,5 hours 467 m 1050 - 1517 m 12 km 2 km 8,5 km 1,5 km 13 db 35 - 40 euro not available https://www.rogla.eu/en/
Krvavec 45 km / 1 hour 521 m 1450 - 1971 m 30 km 7 km 15 km 8 km 11 db 35 - 40 euro available https://www.rtc-krvavec.si/en/
Kanin - Sella Nevea 160 km / 2,5 hours 1189 m 1103 - 2292 m 10,5 km 4,2 km 6,3 km - 10 db 38 - 40 euro available https://www.kanin.si/

Combined ski pass: Juliske Alpe Ski Pass

Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive features of Slovenia is the availability of the so-called Juliske Alpe Card - meaning the Julian Alps Card. The point of this ski pass is that by buying one ticket, you can go through the 5 best ski slopes in Slovenia in the Julian Alps.

With the ski pass, you can ski 260 km of ski slopes between 550 - 2293 meters, and you will find most of the ski slopes a 1-hour drive from Bled.

Tip: Since it can be difficult to travel 1-1.5 hours a day with children, taking advantage of the pass is more worthwhile for couples and groups of friends. The ski pass includes the following slopes: Kranjska Gora, Krvavec, Cerkno, Kanin / Sella Nevea, and Soriska Planina.

The ski pass includes tickets for 6 Italian and 3 Austrian ski slopes. Admission prices are determined by the number of days you buy your passes. 2-7 day options range from 68 euros to 197 euros.

#1 Maribor – Pohorje Ski Resort

The most popular one

Maribor is a classic, small rural town with a river, bridges, and pedestrian streets. It is not visited by many on its own, but it can still be very exciting for two reasons. The hills and mountains surrounding the town are very cozy; the town is livable in summer and has some cool hiking destinations. Also, the Maribor Pohorje ski resort is the most popular ski resort in Slovenia.

Maribor Ski Resort , Slovenia
Maribor Ski Resort, Slovenia

It is no coincidence that Maribor Pohorje has become popular, as its location is favourable and offers slopes 41,5 kilometres long. As a child, I loved the few Murau slopes that took me through the woods along a narrower line than usual. Almost all the slopes of Maribor bring this experience back.

In exchange for the € 33-day ticket, we can ski on wide blue slopes that can be used 23.5 km long by children. We can also use red slopes 13 kilometres long for intermediate skiers and ski 5 kilometres on the black ones. Most of the slopes are 1 km long, which is in line with the Slovenian average, but fortunately, the operators have built a fast and well-functioning cable-car system, so it is not strenuous to get back to the top of the slope.

Slopes of Maribor

  • Blue slopes: 23.5 km
  • Red slopes: 13 km
  • Black slopes: 5 km
  • Number of cable cars: 22
  • Level difference: 1002 m

If you are planning a family trip, you can take advantage of the ski school on the course, where they not only teach children and beginners, but you can also rent equipment and help you maintain your existing slats.

It is worth inquiring about education beforehand. All instructors speak English well.

#2 Kranjska Gora Ski Resort

Located on the Austrian-Slovenian border.

You can slide on the slopes of Mount Vitranc near Kranjska Gora, close to the Austrian-Slovenian border. Kranjska Gora is the second most popular ski resort in Slovenia.

Slovenia ski resort - Kranjska Gora map
Slovenia ski resort - Kranjska Gora map 

Kranjska Gora slopes

  • Blue slopes: 10 km
  • Red slopes: 8 km
  • Black slopes: 2 km
  • Number of cable cars: 17
  • Altitude difference: 415 m

The ski resort - 20 kilometres in total - was divided into 18 shorter slopes, located at altitudes of 800 and 1215 meters above sea level. With the help of 19 ski lifts, you can get to the starting point of the slopes, from where you will find 10 km of blue slopes for beginners, 8 km of medium-difficulty red slopes, and 2 km of black slopes. Due to the nature of the site, the difficulty is more due to the steepness.

Kranjska Gora is not the most suitable destination for a day trip due to the distance. But then why is it worth coming here? The Julian Alps offer magical views, stunning excursions, and other opportunities.

The area is serious about cycling, with more than 270 kilometres of cycle paths designated for sports enthusiasts. Most mountain hiking trails are also accessible in winter, with several trails above the ski slopes to the hilltop. The Julian Alps offer a different view than Austria's usual view.

Rocky hillsides, the beautiful but barren plains, and the poison-green forest wonders rotate wherever you look. The area is also a favourite of climbers; if you want to try it yourself, there are several built-up routes; for example, you can climb on ropes above streams.

Kranjska Gora accommodation

You can book pensions in the area from €50 per night per person, booked in advance. The ski pass costs around €3 a day.

Kranjska Gora Ski Resort , Slovenia

#3 Cerkno Ski Resort

Great with kids

Cerkno is located close to the Slovenian-Italian border. It has longer slopes than the others and has a higher location. Hence, it is closer to the classic Austrian experience than the previous two ski centres.

Slovenia ski resort - Cerkno map
Slovenia ski resort - Cerkno map 

The design of the ski slopes could not be more transparent: most of the slopes start from the nearly 1,300-meter ridge, and while on the left, you can slide on black and red slopes - if you already have experience in skiing, on the right there are green and blue slopes for beginners. 8 ski lifts help to bridge the 352-meter level difference upward. The 18-kilometre course is divided into:

  • Green and blue slopes: 9 km
  • Red slopes: 6 km
  • Black slopes: 3 km
Pro tip: The disadvantage of smaller ski resorts is that they can fill up easily on weekends, so if you decide to go to Cerkno, choose a weekday. This way, you can avoid the tumult and feel like the whole slope is yours.

The special feature of Cerkno is that the ski resort supports not only professional but also amateur competitions, so if you want to compete with each other in a special place, all the conditions are given here. In addition, the ski resort has repeatedly achieved a prominent place among the Slovenian ski resorts, and in 2010 it was able to turn it into podium places and awards.

Cerkno - admission, prices

Even if we cannot say that the ski resorts in Slovenia operate at a unit price, there are no serious differences. Around €30, you can exchange an adult day ticket for any slope, while for children it costs around €20.

Cerkno - Accommodation

The local ski bus easily reaches the ski resort from the surrounding accommodations. It is also important to mention that local accommodation is cheaper here than in other regions - you can find an excellent room for as little as €30.

#4 Rogla Ski Resort

Where skiing and spa meet

The Rogla ski slopes are an hour from Maribor, so it might be a good idea for your group to look over there. Classic forest slope system at 1000-1500 meters above sea level.

Slovenia ski resort - Rogla map
Slovenia ski resort - Rogla map 

The ski resort is advertised as being specifically for families and being a kid-friendly ski centre. This image is reinforced by the ski school belonging to the tracks and the child-friendly hotels next to them.

However, the picture is somewhat nuanced by the fact that most of the available slopes are red, meaning they are more recommended for intermediate and advanced skiers and older children.

Rogla ski slopes

The 12-kilometre course was designed like this:

  • 2 km blue slopes
  • 8.5 km red slopes
  • 1.5 km black slopes
Rogla Ski Resort, Slovenia

Rogla prices

The fee for the ski slope is usually €35  (€21 for children).

Rogla accommodation

You can book accommodation for €20. Of course, the spa hotels next to the slopes are available at much higher prices, and since there are few of these accommodations, they are usually sold out half a year before the skiing date.

The special feature of the area is that the accommodations close to the ski slopes (including pensions and four-star hotels) offer wellness opportunities.

Locals say the healing climate in the area has a beneficial effect on patients with respiratory and lung diseases. In particular, diseases affecting the lungs, such as:

  • asthma, pneumonia, rhinitis
  • pollinosis, psoriasis, neurodermatitis

Many come here to recover from surgery or suffer from severe allergies.

For the sake of objectivity, I would like to note that the air in Rogla is no more special than the climate of other Slovenian mountains. However, its distance from big cities, the tranquillity of the place, and the infrastructure needed to relax all benefit visitors.

#5 Krvavec Ski Resort

The most complex slope

The town of Krvavec (pronounced as Krivavec) is located not far from the Austrian-Slovenian border, the closest of all the ski slopes examined before, to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana (25 km)

Slovenia ski resort - Krvavec map
Slovenia ski resort - Krvavec map 

Krvavec slopes

With its 30 kilometres, it is the second-largest ski centre, and at the same time, it is the trendiest in its complexity and slope management. Its lowest point is above 1400 meters, so snowfall is less typical here, which can hit the lower regions of other Slovenian slopes on a warmer winter day.

  • Blue slopes: 7 km
  • Red slopes: 15 km
  • Black slopes: 8 km
  • Level difference: 521 m
  • Number of cable cars: 11
  • The total length of slopes: 30 km

Its highest point is 1971 meters, with a level difference of more than 500 meters. It is no coincidence that in 2016 and the following year, it won the award for the best ski slope in Slovenia at the World Ski Awards.

The centre is built on two slopes, a steeper and much longer area starting from Zvoh and on the smaller slopes of Krzisce. The slopes of Zvoh already offer the possibility of interlocking slopes. Thus longer skiing is possible without taking the lift or the cable car.

In addition to the classic slopes, half-tubes and mono-skiing areas have also been created, so extreme sports fans are also welcomed.

Although there are several blue tracks here (7 km in total), the intermediate and more difficult slopes are more typical and enjoyable. Hence, the Krvavec area is also favourable for those more experienced. If you come to the centre with your family, children can have fun on a special track designed for them, and if necessary, they can learn how to ski.

As in all Slovenian centres, English is spoken well.

Krvavec accommodation

The rates and the accommodations will be similar to the other resorts, and as always, it will be worth booking in advance here.

Krvavec Ski Resort, Slovenia

# 6 Kanin - Sella Nevea Ski Resort

Ski slope on the Italian-Slovenian border

The Kanin ski slopes are located on the Italian - Slovenian border so that you can have a special skiing experience in both countries. You can also find Kanin ski slopes such as Sella Nevea.

Slovenia ski resort - Kanin map
Slovenia ski resort - Kanin map 

The ski slope is located not far from Bovec in the Soca Valley, with which summer hikers can be familiar.

On the slopes, you can ski for a total length of 10.5 km at an altitude of 1103 - 2292 m. With only a level difference of 1189 m, the ski region contains 4.2 km of blue and 6.3 km of red tracks. You will not find any black slopes here.

There are 10 lifts in the resort, of which 6 are pick-ups, while the remaining 4 are normal cable cars. In the case of lifts, do not expect Austrian quality if you are coming from Nassfeld, for example.

Due to the nature of the slopes, you will find natural snow at the top of the resort, while the icing is mostly common only in the valley. You can even see the river Soca from the top if the weather is clear. You can count on a significantly smaller crowd if you stay until closing.

Kanin accommodation

If you want to visit the Kanin ski slopes, you can stay in Slovenia or Italy, as the slopes are located on the border. I copied a map below, where you can sort in Italy, starting from the city of Bovec and beyond the border. The map is interactive.

Why is Slovenia unique?

  • The charm of novelty, meeting new ski resorts
  • Combined ski passes are available for the more experienced
  • Perfect ski slopes for beginner skiers and families with children
  • Natural treasures of Slovenia - see Bled, Triglav National Park

Who do we recommend the Slovenian ski slopes for?

Primarily for those already bored of the Austrian and Slovak ski resorts. Also, for those who come with children or are not yet professional skiers. I emphasize this because there are relatively few black slopes in Slovenian ski resorts, so if you want long and steep sections, you might want to look in Austria.

If you can handle the red slopes (or the blue ones) and want to try what a ski safari is like – meaning skiing on a different ski resort every day - Slovenia will still be an ideal choice.

In addition, in Slovenia, winter is ideal for lovers of nature. If you have always wanted to try snowshoeing or want to see the town of Bled and Lake Bled, this is finally the time.

Slovenia, Slovakia, or Austria?

So you can fairly ask where to go then? Austria offers higher, more complex, more exciting resorts, enough for several days, while Slovakia is maybe a better choice if you are travelling with children.

The real value of Slovenia comes when you crave something new and different. When you want to tell other people at home, you were not in Murau, Stuhleck, or Chopok.

If you are looking for new slopes, and new experiences, head to Slovenia!