Mittenwald is a charming town located in Bavaria, southern Germany. It is famous for its traditional Bavarian architecture and rich cultural heritage. The town is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, making it a haven for hiking, trekking, and mountaineering enthusiasts. Most visitors choose to stay here to explore the nearby Karwendel Nature Reserve.

As you wander the streets, you will encounter colourful and well-preserved buildings adorned with frescoes and intricate woodwork. Stroll along the cobblestone streets and succumb to temptation by entering charming shops and cafes.

Map - Where is Mittenwald?

Mittenwald is in the heart of the Karwendel Mountains, part of the more extensive Bavarian Alps. You are in the southern part of Germany, near the border of Austria.

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  • Distance from Munich: 110 km
  • Distance from Innsbruck: 40 km
Map: Mittenwald - Munich distance


  • Geigenbaumuseum (Violin Making Museum): Mittenwald is famous for its centuries-old tradition of violin making. The town hosts a violin-making school where many renowned luthiers have learned their craft. The Geigenbaumuseum showcases the history and art of violin making in Mittenwald.
  • Geigenwinkel (Violin Corner): This charming square in the heart of Mittenwald is often called the "Violin Corner." It is the hub for music and craftsmanship, with numerous shops selling violins and other musical instruments.
  • Lüftlmalerei Frescoes: Mittenwald is known for "Lüftlmalerei," decorative frescoes painted on the facades of buildings. These intricate and colourful paintings depict local folklore, religious stories, and historical events.
Lüftlmalerei Frescoes
  • Mittenwald Church: The Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul is an iconic landmark in the town. This Baroque-style church features an ornate interior and is a favourite destination for history and architecture enthusiasts.
  • Leutaschklamm Gorge: On the outskirts of town, you'll find one of Germany's most beautiful gorges, Leutaschklamm. The gorge's walls can tower up to 100 meters high, surrounded by massive rock formations and dense forests. An exciting feature of this gorge is that it partly extends into Austria.
  • Alpenrosengarten (Alpine Rose Garden): Mittenwald is not only known for its traditional architecture and violin making but also for its stunning Alpine Rose Garden. This beautiful garden is a botanical treasure showcasing the vibrant and colourful Alpine roses that thrive in the region.
Alpine Rose Garden
  • Hoher Kranzberg: The Kranzberg Mountain near Mittenwald offers fantastic hiking opportunities. A cable car takes you to the summit, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. In winter, it becomes a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding.
Hoher Kranzberg
  • Karwendelbahn: The Karwendelbahn cable car connects Mittenwald to the Karwendel Mountains. Upon reaching the upper station, numerous hiking trails await exploration.
  • Fasnacht Carnival: The town celebrates Fasnacht, a traditional carnival held at the end of winter. During the lively festival, locals parade through the streets, accompanied by music and wearing colourful costumes.
  • Traditional Bavarian Cuisine: Mittenwald's restaurants and beer gardens offer the flavours of traditional Bavarian cuisine. Don't miss the opportunity to savour dishes like schnitzel, pretzels, and sausages, accompanied by locally brewed beers.
Mittenwald flourished as a trading post due to its strategic location along important trade routes connecting Germany with Italy. The city became known for its salt, wood and other goods trade.

Nearby attractions

Mittenwald is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes and attractions that are worth visiting:

  • Zugspitze (25 km): Germany's highest peak in the Alps, the 2963-meter-high Zugspitze, offers ideal terrain for mountain enthusiasts. You can reach the summit by cable car.
  • Eibsee Lake (30 km): Eibsee, with its 15-meter depth, is one of Germany's most famous lakes. Located at the foot of the Zugspitze, it's an ideal area for hiking and swimming in the lake.
Eibsee Lake
  • Partachklamm Gorge (20 km): The 702-meter-long Partnachklamm was formed along the Partnach River. It is one of Bavaria's most exciting gorges, known for its mysterious and impressive appearance.
  • Wagenbrüchsee: Wagenbrüchsee, also known as Geroldsee, is a hidden gem in the mountains that you won't find in many guidebooks. It's a perfect choice for a leisurely hike without having to conquer peaks, making it suitable for families with children.

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