Many say the most beautiful national park in Germany is Berchtesgaden, which was formed next to Austria. The area of ​​unparalleled natural beauty is the country's only park in the Alps. Its northern or western brothers (like the Black Forest) are not in the alpine region.

The park's area is about 208 km², and it lies entirely in the famous state of Bavaria. It was founded in 1978 and later became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Berchtesgaden National Park Details
Country Germany, Alps
Region Bavaria
Area 208 km2
Center of the park Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden
Distance from Munich 2.5 hours / 140 km
Year of foundation 1978
Top attractions Königssee, Obersee, Röthbach waterfall, Ramsau village, Almbachklamm, Wimbachklamm, Salt mine, Rossfeld Panorama road
Website nationalpark-berchtesgaden

Map - Where is Berchtesgaden National Park?

The park is located in southeastern Germany, next to Austria. The park belongs entirely to the province of Bavaria. You are in the Alps, including the Bavarian Alps. The nearest big city is Salzburg, which is on the Austrian side. Munich is further away, 2.5 hours from the centre of the park.

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  • Center of the park: Ramsau (bei Berchtesgaden)
  • Distance to Vienna: 4 hours / 350 km
  • Distance to Salzburg: 45 minutes / 45 km
  • Distance to Munich: 2.5 hours / 150 km
Berchtesgaden National Park map - Munich distance
Did you know? Berchtesgaden is also the name of a picturesque German town in the vicinity of which there are several attractions. The settlement is located close to the Austrian border.

More about the park

In the park with an area of ​​208 km2, do not expect famous big cities, busy shopping streets, restaurants, etc. The region has always been economically slow, which is why, fortunately, larger cities did not develop. This advantage is that the park is close to nature and exudes a calm atmosphere. It is the perfect choice for those who want to hide from the eyes of the world.

One of the geographical centres of the park is Königssee lake. Its highest point is the 2,713 m high Watzmann (the 3rd highest mountain in Germany), followed by the 2,607 m Hochkalter. The Wimbachtal valley separates the two mountains.

Bavarian Alps
Hiking in Berchtesgaden National Park
In addition to hiking and mountain climbing, cycling is also popular in the park, while skiing attracts significant tourism during winter.


Berchtesgaden National Park


There are about 500 types of mosses, 640 lichens, and 2000 different mushroom species in the park. Many Alpine flowers live in the area, so make sure you leave everything as you found. 

Things to see & Attractions

#1 Ramsau (bein Berchtesgaden)

The park's best-known mountain is the 2,713-meter Watzmann. At its foot, we find one of the most beautiful towns in the German Alps, Ramsau (Germany's first climbing town). Most of the country's tour guides and leisure programs gather here. The most famous point of the village is the St. Sebastian church, which is also in our picture.

Ramsau, the first mountain climbing village in Germany
What is a climbing village? A town dedicated entirely to nature walks, nature conservation, agriculture and sustainable development to preserve the culture and traditions of the region.

#2 Königssee

Perhaps the most popular attraction of the park is the Königssee glacial lake. 7.7 km long, 1.7 km wide - its depth reaches 190 meters. Its popularity is not only due to the beauty of the lake, as many easy, family-friendly, or more difficult hiking trails start from the lake.


Another attraction is that you can swim in the lake. You can also rent a boat or pay for a boat tour. It is useful to know that Obersee lake is located opposite the lake. It is worth visiting both lakes at the same time.

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#3 Röthbach waterfall

The 470-meter-high Röthbach waterfall is the highest waterfall in the park and in all of Germany. The impressive waterfall is located at the Obersee, lying opposite the Königssee. It is worth putting the three sights into one day.

Röthbach waterfall

#4 Obersee

The unique alpine lake is located southeast of the much larger Königssee. The two lakes almost touch, separated only by a moraine. The lake is 1.32 km long and 0.42 km wide. Several tourist routes also lead from its surroundings. The lake's depth reaches 30 meters, and you can bathe in its water.

Lake Obersee

#5 Kehlsteinhaus and Kehlstein

The Kehlstein mountain rises to a height of 1,834 meters, at the top of which we find the tourist house called "Eagle's nest" or the Kehlsteinhaus. The mountain rest area has now become one of the best-known symbols of the park.

Tourists don't come here for the cuisine but the sumptuous view of the Alps' peaks. The road to the tourist house is closed to car traffic, and it is not allowed to walk on it. You can only get there with the buses that run here.

#6 Wimbachklamm gorge

The gorge route takes you past the Wimbach waterfall in the narrower section of the Wimbach valley. The strait itself is short, only 200 meters long. The hiking trail takes about 20 minutes to complete from the entrance (ticket office) - a short and child-friendly program.

Wimbachklamm gorge

#7 Almbachklamm gorge

You can move forward in the 3 km long gorge on the usually paved routes. You can even find bridges on the stepped path with railings. The Alpine stream Almbach flows in the gorge. You will see waterfalls, pools and whirlpools along the way.

Almbachklamm gorge
Tip: Wimbachklamm, the Innersbachklamm and the Aschauerklamm gorges are pretty close. If you like fabulous gorges, you can walk through them all in one day.

#8 Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden Salt Mine

One of the park's attractions is the salt mine, operating since 1514. The mine, which is 300 meters deep, consists of 13 parts. You can also visit the nearby Old Salt Works with a combined ticket (which can be bought online). You might want to take advantage of this opportunity and learn more about the salt culture of the area.

  • Admission: 21 euros
  • Combined entry: 25 euros

#9 Rossfeld Panorama Strasse

One of the most beautiful roads in the region is the 15.4 km long Rossfeld panoramic road. During the journey, a level of 1100 meters has to be overcome. In the meantime, you will cross 14 bridges. 400 parking spaces can be found near the road.

Visitor Center

It's worth saving the visitor centre address. The centre is located 15 km from Ramsau, in Berchtesgaden.

  • Address: Hanielstr. 7, 83471 Berchtesgaden
  • Phone number: +49-8652-64343
  • Opening hours: every day, 09:00 - 17:00

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