Partnachklamm is one of the most exciting gorges in Bavaria. The narrow German canyon is famous for its mysterious and imposing appearance. If you visit it once, you won't forget it. The 700-meter-long Partnachklamm was created along the Partnach river. The water level rises or falls depending on the weather, offering new experiences every season.


Partnachklamm gorge Details
Country Germany, Bavaria
Address 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Distance from Munich 1.5 hours / 95 km
Season Jan-Dec
Opening hours 06:00 - 20:00 / 08:00 - 18:00
Prices 6-3 euros
Duration 2 hours
Attractions nearby Leutaschklamm, Zugspitze, Lake Eibsee


Partnachklamm gorge - Bavaria, Germany

Map - Where is the Partnachklamm?

Address, map, distance, parking, approach

The gorge is located in Bavaria, in the southern part of Germany. It belongs to Garmisch Partenkirchen. You can reach it from Tyrol (Austria) via the B2 and E533 roads. You are walking between the peaks of the Alps.

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  • Address: 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
  • Distance from Innsbruck: 1 hour / 64 km
  • Distance from Munich: 1.5 hours / 95 km
Partnachklamm map - Munich distance
Tip: Walking around the area, you will find the Eibsee lake and the Zugspitze. In Austria, the Leutaschklamm gorge is only a couple of km away.


For parking, use the following address: Karl und Martin Neuner-Platz. You can reach the gorge's entrance after a 25-30 minute walk. Those who feel comfortable with a bicycle will find a parking lot for bicycles at the ticket office.

  • Parking: Karl und Martin Neuner-Platz

A hike in the gorge

The entrance to the gorge can be reached either by the already mentioned 20-minute hike (with a 130 meters ascent), or you can also take the cable car from the Das Graseck hotel.

The route is 6.5 km, while the gorge is 702 meters long. The gorge itself is 80 meters deep; that is, it is surrounded by 80-meter-high rock walls.

It will take about 40 minutes to finish the trail in the gorge. The rest of the route will take part outside Partnachklamm. 

The gap carved into the huge rock walls was formed by the icy, frozen Partnach river over thousands of years. Don't just admire the roaring stream in the gorge. Look at the rock walls; you will be surprised by how spectacular the stacked rocks are.

Although there are several deeper straits, the inner part of the Partnach is so narrow that even the sun barely gets through. This makes the experience wild and adventurous.

Tip: Many hiking trails in the area start from the end of the gorge. It may be worth exploring more of the area and hiking further.

Opening hours

The Partnachklamm is one of the few gorges in Europe that is also open in winter. It welcomes visitors all year round, with two opening hours. Entry is possible 30 minutes before closing.

  • Season: all year round
  • Winter season: (Oct-May) 08:00 - 18:00, every day
  • Summer season: (June-Sept) 06:00 - 20:00, every day

In extreme weather, the management will close the gorge without prior notice. However, this is very rare - if it has been raining heavily in the area for several days, it might be worth calling the gorge to ensure they are open.

Tip: Always have a raincoat or waterproof jacket with you!

Partnach gorge in winter

The gorge is open even in winter, so don't take the excursion lightly, be prepared with layered, warm clothing. Let's set off in warm ankle-hugging boots.


Regardless of the season, the same prices should be expected when entering the gorge. Cash should be with you for safety. If you have accommodation in the area, you may receive a discount from your host.

  • Adult ticket: 6 euros
  • Child ticket: 3 euros
  • Under the age of 6: free

(Prices might slightly increase every year!)


No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to go into the gorge either with a stroller or a wheelchair.

Dog friendly?

Unfortunately, we have no official information regarding dogs. If you can take your dog, a leash is probably mandatory.

Sights in the area

Undoubtedly, the most exciting attractions in the area are the gorges, lakes and mountains.

  • The most famous of all is the country's highest point, the 2,962-meter Zugspitze.
  • Next to the mountain, you find the fabulous Eibsee lake and the Höllentalklamm gorge a few kilometres away.
  • On the Austrian side, the Leutaschklamm is also located at a convenient distance.

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