Located in the Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park, Bigar Falls is one of the most beautiful cascades in Romania and even in Europe. The waterfall was also ranked on the list of the eight most special waterfalls in the world. The waterfall is not famous for its enormous height or its amount of water - but for its special, bell-shaped formations.

The whole world has discovered the place, which already fits into a fairy tale, only a few years ago. Therefore, in our current article, we also take a closer look at this charming, hidden sight.

In Romanian, you will find the waterfall called Cascada Bigar.

The Bigar Falls is a waterfall located in the southwestern part of Romania, in CaraΘ™-Severin County, not far from the river Anina. The waterfall is one of the highlights of the Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park. The 176-hectare area has been protected since 2000.

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Opening hours and prices

You can visit the waterfall for 0-24 hours, and there is no entrance fee.

Bigar waterfall in winter

The waterfall and its surroundings offer a truly enchanting world in winter as well. The flow of the tiny stream often freezes due to the low water level and the minuses.

The waterfall is also open in winter. You should wear proper (closed and non-slip) shoes when visiting.

About the Bigar Falls

The water of the waterfall falls from a height of 4 to 5 meters. The water columns are a particularly good option for those who want to take photos of crystal clear waterfalls. Of course, in the spring, or after a long, rainy period in the fall, the waterfall is richer, giving you a nicer view.

The waterfall in a form-breaking way does not fall freely but forms the rock to a bell-like formation (it reminds me more of a mushroom).

Various plants have now settled in the grooves formed over the years, and their leaves have painted the bell-shaped rock aeruginous green. Thus, at first glance, it gives the impression that the waterfall has green hair.

The Bigar Falls is a small, quiet natural phenomenon. Anyone who travels for hours and expects a Niagara-sized waterfall will be disappointed. The waterfall is more recommended for those who visit the area and want a short hike.

It takes about an hour and a half to explore the waterfall and its surroundings. However, you could extend this for up to two, two, and a half hours.

The waterfall can be explored from two sides, so you can photograph it almost 360 degrees, and you can relax in the pagoda behind the waterfall.

Getting there

If you are coming from that direction, during your trip you may want to stop in Arad, as the New Theater, Bohus Palace, and County Museum are definitely worth a few minutes detour.

  • Address: Bigar Waterfall, DN57B, Romania
  • Distance from Timisoara: 2.5 hours / 140 km
  • Parking: free

In case you are starting your trip from Brasov or Bucharest, it may take some time to get to your destination, as the Romanian roads are not in very good condition. According to Google Maps, both cities are approx. 470 km away, which requires more than 6 hours to drive.

  • Distance from Brasov: 6 hours, 460 km
  • Distance from Bucharest: 8 hours, 600 km

From Brasov you have to drive through Fagaras, Deva and Lugoj. As these cities also have plenty of attractions, it may be worthwhile to take a look around here.

Timisora - Bigar falls distance
Timisora - Bigar falls distance
There is also a town called Bigar which is not in the area but for a 2-3 hour drive. So if you are planning your trip with Google Maps or another tool, make sure you are in the right place.

Bigar and Bigar Falls on the map
Bigar and Bigar falls on the map


You can park on the side of the road in front of the entrance. On the opposite side of the road, before the entrance, there are a couple of parking spaces in front of the gates. As there is not usually a large crowd, you will find a spot easily.

The entrance is a bit difficult to find as it is not marked by huge signs.

  • Parking: free
Did you know? The Bigar Falls is located at a latitude of 45 Β° N, halfway between the North Pole and the Equator.

Attractions in the area

After getting familiar with the characteristics, I would like to show you some hiking trails on which you can also test your physical endurance and explore a bit of the natural attractions around the waterfall.

#1 Watermills of Rudaria

Southeast of the waterfall on road 57B you will find the village of Eftimie Murgu and the largest watermill park in Southeast Europe. The park of 22 watermills is one of the most special attractions in Romania.

The mills are located about 3 km long on the river, most of them out of the town. They are located in the former village of Rudaria, now called Eftimie Murgu.

The watermills are still used by the locals to this day and if you visit the site here you are guaranteed to get an insight into the hundreds of years old traditions of the locals.

#2 Oravita train

Oravita - Styrian lakanina

Oravita railway line has some Hungarian traditions. During the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, between 1863 and 1891, MAV operated this section, and coal mining in the mountains was transported to the other parts of the empire from here. In 1918, control of the railway line was taken over by the Romanian government.

Oravita train - Bigar Falls attractions
Oravita train - Bigar Falls attractions

You can try a train of three cars here and travel on benches equipped in 1914. It takes about 2 hours to get there, and 2 hours to get back, but you enjoy the local natural sights all the way.

The train passes 10 viaducts and 14 tunnels on the way, making a level difference of nearly 330 meters. The railway goes 34 km in woods, valleys, and on winding roads.

You can spend an hour and a half at the terminus station and you can use the same train to get back to where you parked your car. Of course, taxi drivers will be waiting for you at the station, but you as a tourist will be charged a lot, so it is worth going back by train.

The falls are located about 40 km from the town of Oravita. You can get there on road 57B, approx. In 45 minutes.

The town of Bigar is located not far from the Iron Gate, Danube's Big Boilers.

In the area, Bigar Cascade Falls are a must-see. It is up to you how much you are willing to travel for the tiny waterfall. If you are walking in the area, you might want to check out the watermills and hop on the train as well.

Have a nice trip!