There are two major zipline parks in Slovenia, and both have been placed in the Triglav National Park. One is located near Bled on the park's east side and the other on the west side near Bovec.

The Bovec park consists of 10 ropes of a total 4 km long trail. It can be explored in about 2-3 hours with a tour guide. Your fears will be mixed with the adrenaline that will eventually be forgotten by the sight of the majestic Julian Alps!

Suitable with children, and prior experience is not needed. Easy to accomplish without special physical preparation.

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Quick Details

Bovec Zipline Details
Country Slovenia
Location Triglav National Park, Bovec
Address Adrenalin park Bovec d.o.o., Brdo 18, 5230 Bovec, Slovenia
Difficulty Easy
Experience needed? No
Free to use? No, only with a tour guide
Opening hours Jan-Dec, every day (booking needed)
Prices 50 - 60 euros
Tour's duration 2 - 3 hours
Dog-friendly? No
Barrier-free? No
Min age? 120 cm

Where is Bovec Zipline?

Bovec is located on the western side of the Triglav National Park. A friendly mountain resort village, the largest and most significant settlement in the Soca Valley. The city is located in the Krnica valley.

The track is located north of the centre of Bovec, above the city. The meeting point is always at the office of the tour guide (see address below) who will take us by bus to the entrance of the track.

  • Address: Adrenalin park Bovec d.o.o., Brdo 18, 5230 Bovec, Slovenia
  • Tour starting point: Trg golobarskih zrtev 19, 5230 Bovec, Slovenia

More about the park

The zipline track is designed over a valley and the stretched steel wires are placed on both sides of the gorge. The length between the wires varies, with the shortest being 550 meters and the longest being 700 meters. The averaging depth is 200 meters above the ground.

The maximum available speed is approx. 60 km / h.

During ziplining, you will slip from one side to the other. On the same side, you will need to walk between two ropes. So, wear comfortable sports shoes, and no flip-flops.  

Zipline tour

The park can only be used with a local, qualified guide, who will securely fasten the pulley using a seat belt.

At least two tour guides will always be with you during the program. One of them goes forward and helps you arrive safely, while the other stays behind and helps you get started.

During the summer high season, the tour starts an average of 4 to 5 times a day.

Is zip-lining safe?

Yes, zipline tracks are designed to be as safe as possible. Of course, as everywhere, there are some regulations.

He who is afraid that the rope will break, we must reassure him that this has never happened before since these are steel wires. Regardless, the track is regularly maintained.

In very windy, rainy, and stormy weather the tours might be cancelled!

What's the right pose?

On the zipline track, you need to be more careful not to stop and thus get stuck in the middle of the track.

The problem with getting stuck is that you will need to pull yourself on your own - instead of slipping. Getting through on your own can be difficult for those who are not in a good shape.

Bovec zipline, Slovenia

In the first 20 minutes of the tour, there is a short section, where you’ll be able to learn the right pose.

Zipline Pose: The point of proper posture is to take on a "ball" shape. You have to hold the carabiner with both hands, pulling your legs up to your belly. The point of the pose is to keep your body facing the right direction - so you don’t turn sideways and lose speed.

Prices and opening hours

Admission to the Zipline park is between 50 and 60 euros per person. It is worth booking your place several days in advance because the course can only be used with a guide. The track is open every day, all year round (even in winter).

  • Tour price: 50 - 60 euros
  • Opening hours: every day, Jan-Dec
  • Number of tours per day (high season): 4 - 5 times
  • Number of tours per day (in season): 1-2 times

Minimum age

The zipline has no minimum age limit but has a minimum height of 120 cm.

Weight limit

The ropes must not be used under 35 kg and over 125 kg.

  • Min weight: 35 kg
  • Max weight: 125 kg

What kind of clothes should I wear?

When using the ropes, be careful not to wear slippers or handbags. Leave your phone on the bus if you can't put it away (pocket or bag).

  • Shoes that stay tight
  • Lockable pockets
  • Have a backpack with you or go without a bag

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