Czech Paradise is a rock city, a labyrinth, and an area with a rich historical past. An earthly wonder where rocks formed from sand attract thousands of tourists annually. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful hiking and hiking location in the Czech Republic.

High rock walls will trap you anywhere you go. Sometimes, your way will be blocked in the rock labyrinth, forcing you to find new trails and discover more of the area. The Czechs want to preserve the world-famous stone wonders for posterity and the rich and unique flora and fauna found here.


The vast hilly region of Czech Paradise is a low mountain region. The 181 km² area has been protected since 1955.

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The labyrinth of Czech Paradise

Important information

It is easy to confuse the Czech Paradise with the Czech Switzerland National Park - some even confuse it with the Slovak Paradise, so it is important to clarify that these three parks are not in the same area.

Park Country Local name What is it known for?
Czech Paradise Czech Republic Český ráj Rock formations and labyrinth
Bohemian Switzerland Czech Republic Národní park České Švýcarsko Rock formations and gorges
Slovak Paradise Slovakia Slovenský ráj Gorges and caves

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Where is Czech Paradise?

Address, distance, map, parking, access

Czech Paradise is located in the northern part of the Czech Republic, approx. 1.5 hours by car from Prague. It is not far from the Polish border.

  • Distance from Prague: 1.5 hours / 110 km
  • Distance from Vienna: 4.5 hours / 420 km
  • Distance from Bratislava: 4 hours / 410 km
Czech paradise map - Prague distance


Cesky raj map | Source: novinky
Czech Paradise map | Source: sideplayer

The formation of the Cesky Raj

The Cesky raj belongs to the mountainous formation of the Bohemian Plateau (Česká tabule). Marine sediments form its bedrock, on top of which sandstone rocks formed in the late Cretaceous period were placed. The sandstone formations form extensive plateaus, which are roughly comparable to the previously mentioned rocky areas of Czech Switzerland NP.

Deep gorges break the sandstone plateaus. There are isolated but striking volcanic cone mountains, extensive forests, cultivated areas and natural lakes, including Oborský rybník with 11.4 hectares of water.

There is a good view from the viewpoints of the highest point of Kozákov (744 m) and Kopanina (657 m) mountains.

The sandstone complexes formed in the area are called rock towns. There are several such systems in the Cesky Raj area.

Rock cities

The top attractions of the Czech Paradise are the so-called "rock towns", of which there are a total of 15 scattered throughout the park. The most popular is Hrubá Skála.

  • Hrubá Skála
  • Vezicky Pond, Podtrosecká údolí
  • Borecké
  • Apolena
  • Prachovské
  • Plakánek valley
  • Vranov ridge
  • Suché Skály
  • Malá Skála Drábovna
  • Besedice
  • Drábské svetnicky
  • Prihrazské
  • Hold valley, Drábovna
  • Klokocské and Betlémské
  • Kozlov - Chlum
Did you know? The sandstone cliffs of the Czech Republic are also popular destinations among climbers. Every year, hundreds of rock climbers visit the towers to conquer them.

Hruba Skala

Among all attractions, the rock towers of Hrubá Skála are the most famous and the most visited point of the park. The most popular attraction is Dračí skály (Dragon Rock).

The rocks of the Hrubá Skála can reach the height of 60 meters, and no less than 400 rocks make up the area. Some special rocks even have names. Some of the more popular rock towers are:

  • Kapelník
  • Maják
  • Osudová vež
  • Lebka

Zámek Hrubá Skála

While visiting the park, it is worth admiring the four-star hotel, which was originally a castle. The huge castle is one of the largest buildings in the region. The Renaissance building is located in the southern part of the rock labyrinth of Hrubá Skála.

Flora and fauna

The Bohemian Paradise is not an untouched natural landscape but a cultural region inhabited and cultivated for thousands of years, the value of which is primarily seen in the characteristic imprint of the sandstone rocks.

Larger industrial companies have never established a plant in the region. Agriculture and mountain sports tourism are particularly at risk of ecological threats.s

In agriculture, fields and production dominate, and the area is poor in pastures. Pine forests dominate the green areas, although mixed deciduous forests can be found in some places. Many wild plants live in the forests and wetlands in the canyons and gorges.

Birds of prey and rodents inhabit the area. You can observe eagles, owls, hawks and ravens. Rodents, voles, and mice find favourable conditions here.

Bohemian Switzerland ( Czech Rep)

The Czech Republic and Germany brotherly share one of the most exciting regions in Europe, Bohemian Switzerland and the Saxon Switzerland National Parks. The diverse region is famous for its special rock formations. Hiding among lush pine forests, the hilly countryside is a real bucket list place for everyone.

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Slovak Paradise

The Slovak Paradise is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and romantic gorges in Europe and even one of the most popular among European tourists. It is the number one hiking destination in Slovakia. An unforgettable experience, a real adventure awaits you that you will not easily forget.

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