Another gem in the line of Slovak castles is the Devínsky hrad near the Slovak-Austrian border. The castle, which can only be seen in ruins today, is visited every year by many from Austria, Hungary and, of course, Slovakia. Only 20 minutes from Bratislava, the former fortress offers a real one-day program for everyone.

Although the Bratislava Castle was rebuilt, the Devin Castle was left out of the list of castles to be renovated and is still not in very good condition today. Nevertheless, the place has not lost much of its value and is still one of the most popular tourist attractions in Slovakia.


You’ve probably seen pictures of the castle before, as it’s really spectacular as the towers - located n the rock - attracts our eyes.

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The majestic Devin Castle

Map - Where is Devin Castle located?

Devin Castle is located northwest of Bratislava, not far from the Austrian-Hungarian-Slovak border.

  • Address: Muránska ulica 1. 84110 Bratislava
  • Distance from Bratislava: 20 minutes / 13 km
  • Distance from Vienna: 1 hour / 75 km
Devin Castle map


You can park your car for free in the parking lot under the castle!

The castle's exact location is determined by the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. Until 1989, the physical iron curtain stretched here under the castle. Today, barbed wire has been dismantled, and a bike path has been built along the Morava River, where cycling enthusiasts can live their passion.

From Devin Castle, you can see neighbouring Austria in good weather, and if you have a good eye, you can even see Vienna and the lofty ranges of the Alps in the background.

The legend of the Devin castle

The legend of Devin Castle is determined by nothing but love. At the centre is a noble knight and a nun. Proving his love, the nun was escaped by the noble boy, who was persecuted for it.

The surrounded lovers ran to the tower, and without seeing any other way out, they threw themselves into the riverbed of the Danube. Here later, a rock grew out of the ground called the Weiber-stein, while the castle tower became the nun tower.

Did you know? In Slavic mythology, Devina is the goddess of love.

Castle of Devin in autumn

About the castle

Devin Castle can be reached by a bridge, which you will find behind the building of the Castle Hotel. The hike from the car park to the castle is a bit strenuous, however, once you get to the top, the sight will make up for the effort.

The castle consists of two parts. At first glance, you may find a lot of steps between the Middle and Upper Castles, but there is nothing to worry about, because even the smallest ones will be able to overcome this few minutes of hiking.

As part of the castle you will find the tower and a 55 m deep well.

The two structures in the central castle are the Gothic palace and the Renaissance palace. You will also find an exhibition in the Renaissance palace.

When you come to the castle, you can take a good big deep breath and fill the water from a well fed by the fresh spring water in the castle.

The upper castle is closed, its renovation is likely to take some time.

History of the castle

A previous fortress was built on the site as early as the first century. German tribes attacked from the west trying to take over the Danube Bend are, while the Celts tried to defend themselves from it.

From the west, the location is a rather important strategic point, as you can enter the Carpathian Basin from here if you are coming from Vienna. Many militant peoples from the west also tried to use this corridor, as the territory of these countries have always been a tempting geographical area.

The role of the castle of Devin, was similar to the castles of the Hungarian border fortress system in the northern and north-eastern parts. In the 13th century, the importance of the place increased tactically, when it became an important bastion on the western border of the Hungarian Empire.

In the 15th century, the buildings were regularly renovated and expanded, and the Báthory and Palffy families were among the owners. In 1809, the building suffered significant damage due to attacks by French troops, who, at Napoleon's command, also blew up the lower and upper parts of the castle.

Currently, the exhibition of the Bratislava City Museum can be seen in it.


There is a permanent exhibition in the Upper Castle. The exhibition covers the history of the castle from the 13th to the 20th century.

Here you can see the finds from the castle of Devin supplemented with historical facts, but here you can also present some stages of the castle construction.

Details of the castle

Opening hours

It is closed on Mondays, but it is open every other day of the week. You can visit the castle at any time between 10 am and 4 pm.

  • Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00 (April - October)
  • Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 to 18:00 (May to September)
  • Mondays: closed

There is no guided tour of the castle, so you can see the ruins and the exhibition at your own pace.

Admission and prices

You will be able to pay for your tickets with a credit card. There is no online ticket option. If you have a Bratislava card, you can visit the castle for free!

  • Adult ticket: 5 euros
  • Retirement ticket: 2.5 euros
  • Child ticket: 2.5 euros
  • Family ticket: 10 euros
  • Under 6 years old: free