The 0.8 km long Raggaschlucht gorge is one of Carinthia's eight most famous gorges. According to many, it is the most beautiful gorge in the province and has been open since 1882. The easy, child-friendly trail is approximately 3 km long - which you can combine with a forest route. In the meantime, huge rock walls coloured with mosses and ferns will come across.

Map - Where is the Raggaschlucht gorge?

The gorge can be found in Austria, in the western part of Carinthia, at the settlement called Flattach. It is between the mountains of the Alps, in the valley of Mölltal. The nearest big city is Spittal an der Drau (35 km), but the charming Heiligenblut is also not far away (50 km).

  • Address: Raggaschlucht Schmelshütten A-9831 Flattach
  • Distance from Vienna: 4.5 hours / 380 km
  • Distance from Villach: 1 hour / 75 km
  • Distance from Klagenfurt: 1.5 hours / 110 km
Raggaschlucht map - Vienna distance


To get there, use the parking lot next to road 106 (which is currently free to use, but this may change). You will walk to the gorge's entrance in about 10 minutes.

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More about the gorge ...

The gorge was made passable in 1882, and in 1978 it was considered a natural gem. Today, of course, it is protected. The Raggabach river is responsible for creating the canyon and forming it into its current state.

It is almost always a few degrees cooler in the gorge, but expect humid weather simultaneously. It doesn't hurt if you have an extra layer or a raincoat.

The two most interesting points of the gorge will be the upper waterfall (see also in our picture) and the point where the gorge narrows to 2 meters. Expect some congestion here while hiking.

Raggaschlucht gorge, Carinthia, Austria
Hiking in Raggaschlucht gorge


Your tour starts from the parking lot, where you reach the ticket office in 10 minutes. After buying your tickets, you will reach the gorge entrance in a 5-minute walk.

Raggaschlucht hike Details
Length 3 km (0.8 km in the gorge)
Duration 1.5 hours
Level diff 220 m
Loop trail? Yes
Difficulty Easy
Trail Wet, slippery

A short and easy hike awaits, but you should expect that you have to overcome a total of 200 meters of elevation in the 800-meter-long gorge. So you will always be going uphill, meaning there are no resting places (benches) within the gorges along the way.

Since the route is also a nature trail, you come across information boards that mainly show the circumstances of the formation of the gorge.

The route is clear; there are no forks, and it runs along one side of the rock wall to the upper waterfall. When you reach the waterfall, the most difficult part of the tour comes, the last etap. Fortunately, you only have to go a few meters on the steep road and then reach the forest road.

Way back

You will go back on the highway; meanwhile, you can see the gorge below you in the right direction. You will get back to the ticket office in a maximum of half an hour, then back to the parking lot.

In the gorge, you can only move from bottom to top in one direction, while the return trip will bring you outside the gorge (3 km round trip).

The trail in Raggaschlucht

Opening hours and prices

The gorge can only be visited during the season between May and October. Remember that it may close in stormy, bad weather - without prior notice. This usually takes place in October.

Raggaschlucht Opening hours and prices
May and September 10:00 - 16:00
June - August 09:00 - 17:00
October 11:00 - 15:00
Prices 7-8 euros
Child price 4 euros
Under 6 yrs Free
Online tickets? None

Parking is free, but you have to expect an entrance fee of a few euros. It is impossible to buy tickets online, and for safety's sake, you should have cash (although there is a card payment option).

  • You can find out about the current opening hours on the gorge's website.
  • Entry is free with the Carinthia Card (Kärnten Card).

Safety call

We would like to point out that the Ragga gorge is more slippery than the usual gorges! If you come with a small child or a dog, pay close attention to them at the wooden railing, as it is constantly exposed to moisture, and water condenses on the narrower sections.

Keep your child on the side next to the wall, as an inattentive child can fall over the railing.

Don't go into the gorge in slippers or sports shoes with slippery soles! Only wear non-slip footwear.

Child friendly?

Yes, thanks to the design of the gorge, you can safely go with children (but not with strollers). According to the official recommendation, you can go with little ones who have reached the age of 6, but some recommend it from 8-10 years old. This depends not only on the physical condition of the kid but also on his height and how "active and running around" he is.

Dog friendly?

Yes, you can bring your dog, but using a leash is mandatory. Consider bringing your dog if she is small, as the elevation gain is higher than 200 meters.


Unfortunately, the gorge is not barrier-free, so you cannot go through it with a stroller or a wheelchair.

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