Castles of Austria

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Get to know more about the castles of Austria - maps, photos, details, history, opening hours, prices, parking, address ....

Burgenwelt Ehrenberg Castle, Tyrol 2022

If you love castles, ruins, history, and Tyrol, don't miss out on Ehrenberg Castle. Right on the German border, the castle ruins are a real treat for the eyes and feet - as you can walk comfortably between the buildings in the area. An ideal program not only for families...

Top 6 Castles of Tyrol - Photos, opening hours, parking ...

Old, historic castles always provide a very special experience for their visitors. Not only do they offer us a beautiful sight, but they have a colourful past dating back centuries. Tyrol has not only gorges and waterfalls but also castles - and their ruins. From these lesser-known castles, it was...
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