If you have already visited the most popular areas of Slovakia (like the Tatras, the Fatra, and the Slovak Paradise), you might want to discover the enchanted but lesser-known Choc Mountains. Walking through the mountains, romantic valleys and gorges such as the Prosiecka, the Borovianky and the fabulous Kvačianská await you.

The loop trail now presented will also be a great family experience for children.

The Borovei valley, which can be seen in the main picture, is famous for its two mills, while the Prosiecka and Kvačianská gorges hold classic thrills with their wooden walls, waterfalls and rock walls surrounding them.

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Choč Mountains Details
Country Slovakia
Slovak name Chočské vrchy
Distance from Bratislava 3.5 hours / 280 km
Medium hike 18 km / 700 m / 6 - 7 hours
Long hike 26,6 km / 1 240 m / 10 hours
Duration 1 - 2 days
Kid-friendly? Yes, min. 12 years
Dog-friendly? No (there are ladders)
Attractions nearby Likavka Castle, Veľký Choč (1 613 m), St. Mary's Reservoir


Choc Mountains, Slovakia

The gorge valleys of Chocske Vrchy

  • Prosiecka dolina valley
  • Borovianky valley
  • Kvačianská dolina

The romantic countryside brings what you are already used to from Slovakia. In the Choc Mountains, you can find everything a hiker could wish for: rich forests, flower-covered meadows, narrow gorges with wooden planks and chains, 10 - 15-meter waterfalls, streams and fabulous panoramas of the Highlands.

Map - Where are Choc Mountains?

Address, map, parking, distance, approach

Choc Mountains is a mountain range in the northern part of Slovakia. It is located in a basin, which borders the Tatras and the Fatra. The three valleys shown are hidden in the Prosiecka Mountains on the eastern side of the mountain range. It is about 3 hours by car from Bratislava to the starting point (Prosiecka dolina).

  • Starting point: Prosiek 111, 032 23 Prosiek, Slovakia
  • Distance from Bratislava: 3 hours / 280 km
Choc Mountains map


You can leave our car at the entrance to the Prosiecka dolina. You have to pay for parking here in the summer, which was 2 euros a few years ago. Have cash with you.

  • Parking fee: 2 - 5 euros
  • Parking on the map: Parkovisko Prosiecka dolina

More about the Choc Mountains

One of the most important things about the mountains is that it has no main ridge - at least, not a large, cohesive one. Its articulation is due to the fact that many valleys have formed (mostly pointing in a NE direction). These valleys, gorges and canyons compete with their beauty even with Slovak paradise.

Choc Mountains video

#1 Prosiecka dolina

The valley is about 4 km long and there are parts surrounded by 450-meter high rock walls. The gorge is deeply embedded in the Lomna and Prosečný massif (1,372 m).

The wild Prosiecka gorge

The Prosiecka stream is gushing into the ground under your feet, so unfortunately it will not be visible. If you do find water in the strait, it can only be rainwater collected from the area.

Going through the valley, not only do signposts help you find your way, but with the help of educational signs, you can learn more about the wildlife and geological values ​​of the region.

  • Sign: blue
  • Length: 4 km

When you reach the Vidova junction at the Falcon Stone, your road will turn right. Still, take a 15-minute detour and head left - from where the river comes. Your reward for your efforts will be the Red Sand Falls - in Slovak Vodopád Červené piesky. The waterfall is accessible by a chain on a steep path.

#2 Borovian Valley

dolina Borovianky

After the village of Veľké Borové, you will pass through the Borovian gorge from the Prosiecka gorge to the Kvačianská dolinka. Here you will find the fabulous Raztocky waterfall, as well as the most famous point of the gorge, the two sawmills.

Mills in the Borovian dolina 


The two mills next to each other have now become a symbol of the countryside - not in vain, as many painters have been inspired. By the way, one of the two mills is still operating, so you can look at it not only from the outside but also from the inside. The mills are found in the Borovei Valley on the connecting road between the two gorges.

  • Admission: free
  • Opening hours: 0:00 - 24:00

#3 Kvačianská Valley

Kvačianská dolina

The karst gorge of the Kvačianská dolina lies parallel to the Prosiecka valley. The karst embedded in the limestone is surrounded by rock walls hundreds of meters high. The canyon valley is wedged between the Čierna hora (1,098 m) and Ostrý (1,128 m) massifs. One of the most significant points in the upper part of the valley is Oblazy, while in the lower part Roháč.

The stream of the same name flows in the gorge, and several waterfalls can be observed.

Hiking trails

Compared to the Slovak Paradise, these gorges are less technical. There won’t be many ladders and handrails, so for younger kids, this tour is the perfect introduction.

It is important to emphasise that the tour can be modified in several ways. You can supplement the program by going from the Prosiecka Valley not immediately to the village of Veľké Borové, but climbing up the Z sign to the Zobor hill. It is also possible to split the tour into two days and sleep in the village.

Tip: if you arrive for several days, choose the accommodation Veľké Borové, from which you can explore the many gorges with a star tour.

#1 Short hike

Prosiecka gorge -> Red Sand Falls -> Veľké Borové -> Borovei gorge -> Kvačianská gorge -> Prosiecka gorge

You start your journey in the gorge of the Prosiecka Valley. From here you will reach the village of Veľké Borové, from where you cross into the Borovei gorge. Next, you are heading into the Kvačianská dolina which is rich in waterfalls. At the end of the trail, you have to walk back to the car left at the Prosiecka Valley car park.

Short route Details
Loop trail? Yes
Hiking trail Prosiecka Gorge - Veľké Borové - Borovei Valley - Kvačianská Gorge - Prosiecka Gorge
Length 18 km
Level diff. 720 m / 770 m
Duration 6 - 8 hours
Resting place Veľké Borové hut
Duration 1 day
Starting point Prosiecka car park
Endpoint Prosiecka car park
Parking Parkovisko Prosiecka dolina, Prosiek 111, 032 23 Prosiek, Slovakia

#2 Long hike

Prosiecka Valley -> Red Sand Falls -> Zobor Hill -> Veľké Borové village -> Borovei Valley -> Kvačianská gorge -> Prosiecka Valley

The difference between a short and a long hike is that the long hike goes up to Zobor Mountain. That’s an extra 9 km and an extra ascent of roughly 550 meters.

We only recommend this route with older children (min. 12 years old), as you will have to spend one night in the accommodation in Veľké Borové, which may not be well tolerated by younger kids.

Long route Details
Loop trail? Yes
Trail Prosiecka Gorge - Zobor Hill - Veľké Borové - Borovei Valley - Kvačianská dolinka - Prosiecka Gorge
Length 26,6 km
Level diff. 1 240 m / 1 260 m
Hike's duration 10 hours
Accommodation Veľké Borové hut
Duration 2 days
Startpoint Prosiek car park
Endpoint Prosiek car park
Parking Parkovisko Prosiecka dolina, Prosiek 111, 032 23 Prosiek, Slovakia

Tip: If you have accommodation in the area, ask for a transfer to the end of the Kvačianská Gorge. In this case, you get away with the 5.5-kilometre stretch that would still be the way back to the parking lot.

In the gorges, you should always go from the bottom. The reason for this, is to avoid creating an avalanche. When going downhill, one can easily kick rocks that could hit our fellow tourists climbing upwards.

Resting areas, toilet

During the tour, you can relax in many places, stretch your legs, and eat a sandwich you brought. However, toilets, drinking water and food will only be available in the village of Veľké Borové.

At the mills, it will definitely be worth taking a few minutes to observe the beauty of the landscape.

Attractions in the area

For those who have come for several days, visit Likavka Castle or take a moderately difficult hike to the Great Choc (1 6 11 m), the highest peak of the Choc Mountains