Slovakia's most famous gorge system is the Slovak Paradise of great complexity. The country's second most popular gorge, the lesser-known but more romantic Diery Gorge, follows this. The picturesque Little Fatra is home to the strait, whose steps and ladders enchant everyone.

One of Slovakia's most popular excursion destinations and the Highlands hides a beautiful hiking trail and gorge. A playground made of nature.

Huge, vertical rock walls will surround you from all sides as you move forward. But don't worry, you will not get lost, the hiking route is well signed.


Diery gorge Details
Country Slovakia
Location Little Fatra, Rozsutec
Address Horné diery, 013 06 Terchova, Slovakia
Distance from Bratislava 2.5 hours / 230 km
Opening hours 0:00 - 24:00
Admission 0 euro
Cities nearby Terhely-҆tefanov√°, Terchov√°, Vratna
Sections of the gorge Dolné diery, Horné diery, Nové diery
Website -

The well-built road, secured with iron ladders, metal stairs and wire ropes, is maintained annually.

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The breathtaking Diery gorge

Where is Diery Gorge?

Address, distance, approach, entrance, parking

The Diery Gorge (Horn√© diery in Slovak) is located in the Little Fatra National Park, at the foot of the Veńĺk√Ĺ Rozsutec mountain range, and is surrounded by a reserve.

The nearest town is Terchov√°-҆tefanov√°, which is also an ideal starting point for a hike up to the 1,610-meter-high Rozsutec Mountain (in this case, the hike is not 370 meters high, but 990 meters high).

  • Location: ŇĹilinsk√Ĺ kraj, okres ŇĹilina, Terchov√°
  • GPS: N49 ¬į 15'28 '' E19 ¬į 3'58 ''
  • Distance from Bratislava: 2.5 hours / 230 km
  • Distance from Bansk√° ҆tiavnica: 2 hours / 140 km
  • Distance from the Slovak Paradise: 2.5 hours / 160 km


In Terchova you can leave your car at the Diery Hotel. You can find the pension on Google Maps.

  • Parking fee: 5 -6 euros / day

Diery gorge map

It is possible to get there by a maintained and well-signposted hiking trail. At the beginning of the road, you may want to take a photo of the map so that you can look at it from time to time.

Map of the Diery gorge trail | Eva Sabolov√° via Exploranza

You can visit Terchov√°-҆tefanov√° or Terchov√° as a starting point, but the latter is more popular (see also on the map).

Parts of Diery Gorge

The Diery gorge system consists of three smaller gorges. You can walk through the interconnected narrow straits one after the other. The gorges are spectacular and adventurous.

#1 Dolné diery

Lower gorge

This gorge is characterized by popular, exciting and adventurous terrain. Of the three gorges, this is the lightest.

  • Number of waterfalls: 2 (1 meter and 3.5 meters)
  • Sign: blue

#2 Nové diery

New gorge

This is the strait that runs in the opposite direction of a smaller flow of the stream, the Dolné diery strait.

  • Number of waterfalls: 4 (1 - 2 meters)
  • Color indication: yellow

#3 Horné diery

Upper gorge

The strait between the two Rozsutec mountains. It is famous for its rich rock formations and waterfalls. Of the three gorges, this is the most difficult. It is usually closed in winter.

  • Number of waterfalls: 9 (2 - 4 meters)
  • Sign: Blue

How difficult is the Diery Gorge tour?

It is essential to have a hiking experience and proper equipment to hike in the gorge comfortably and safely. You also need a good physique for the 3 hike.

If you haven’t hiked in a long time, be sure to go in the summer when the day is long and you can go at your own pace. If you have knee problems, be prepared to have a difficult time using the ladders.  

It used to be possible to hike in the gorge in the winter (that may not have changed since). Winter hiking is more difficult due to icing and weather exposure. Even with the right equipment, we recommend the winter hike only to experienced hikers.

One of the most technical sections of the gorge is the steep descent in the saddle marked with green. Increased attention is needed here.

Secure, dizziness-free movement coordination is essential while exploring the gorge. In rainy, wet weather, ladders can be slippery, so special care is needed.

Non-slip, ankle-high, closed shoes are essential, and gloves are recommended.

With older, more experienced children, the gorge tour can be completed with confidence. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Hiking through the Diery gorge

Hiking trail

The longer gorge ride climbs the Great Rozsutec mountain at the end of the gorges. This greatly increases the hiking time and raises physical expectations. With children, you might prefer the shorter hike. The short route will be about 4 hours at a comfortable pace, with a 375-meter ascent.

Diery gorge short hike Details
Difficulty Easy, but a bit technical
Length approx. 10 km
Duration 4 - 5 hours
Level difference 370 m
Starting point Diery Hotel (blue mark)
Endpoint End of the upper gorge (and back)
Min age 8 yrs

The part of the gorge itself is the same in both versions. The only question is whether you want to climb the mountain or not.

Diery gorge long hike Details
Difficulty Medium
Length approx. 12 km
Duration 7 hours
Level diff 990 m
Starting point Diery Hotel (blue mark)
Endpoint Rozsutec (and back)
Min years 12 yrs
In the gorge, traffic is only possible in one direction (upwards) for safety reasons!

The first gorge

From Hotel Diery, you have to take a wide dirt road along with the Biely potok (White Stream). In the meantime, follow the blue sign. The level difference will not be significant, you can comfortably warm up your joints.

The first milestone on the route will be when you reach the entrance to the Lower Strait, the Dolné diery. At the beginning of the gorge you will cross wooden planks and wooden bridges, and then the high rock walls will appear slowly.

The modest landscape is later replaced by another view. The gorge narrows, steel ramps appear, and now the road continues over the river.

The middle gorge

When you reach an intersection, you have to change the blue sign to the yellow one, leaving Dolné diery. Here you will enter the new gorge, the Nové diery. More and more stairs and planks follow, here and there with waterfalls and rushing streams. It is one of the richest, most romantic parts of the gorge system.

The road will soon turn but stay on the yellow trail for a while until you reach the lookout point (Podziar 715 m).

The last gorge

At the next option, go left, back to the blue sign. Here you will see the Rozsutec mountain before you reach the forest. Once in the woods, you are already walking in the Upper Gorge, the Horné diery. Remember, you have to follow the blue sign.

The Horné diery is the most technical of the three gorges. It is made more difficult by the fact that it is the most beautiful and has the richest view, so special attention must be paid to it. You may want to take a break at the beginning of the gorge to gather strength for this part.

Waterfalls, streams, beautiful vegetation, chirping birds and growing roots are trying to distract you. There will also be an iron ladder, chain and plank section.

When you get to the top of the gorge, you have to change the blue sign again, but this time to the green one. A descent is coming soon, a hiking pole can come in handy here - as this part is very steep. Feel free to use your hands too.

There is not much left of the Vrchpodyiar saddle. You will soon be back at the first intersection of the starting point. From there, all you have to do is go back to the parking lot.

Opening hours

The gorge is open every day of the year, winter and summer. In extreme weather and during maintenance work (usually in the spring), the gorge can be closed without any notification.

Admission and prices

There are no tickets to the gorge, it can be visited for free. The only cost involved is parking, which is roughly 5 to 7 euros per day.


The easiest way is to stay in the same Diery Hotel as the starting point for the tour. The accommodation - restaurant is an ideal place to relax.

  • Address: Biely Potok 664, 013 06 Terchov√°, Slovakia

The gorge is close to the towns of Terchova, Terhely-҆tefanov√° and Vr√°tna. All three are waiting for the hikers with more hotels and accommodation. The cities are 3-4 kilometres apart.

Diery gorge map - cities nearby

What equipment should I bring?

As always, the right hiking shoes that are closed are the most important thing here. You’re going to work a lot out of your ankles and knees, a good shoe can help a lot. Only wear shoes that are not slippery.

It is worth preparing a hiking stick. There will be parts where it won’t be necessary or even confusing. Therefore, if possible, carry one that can be folded.

A waterproof layer can definitely come in handy, which can be a longer raincoat. I saw that there were those who wore hats. In winter or cold weather, wear 1 or 2 pairs of gloves.

Just go with your backpack! A shoulder bag, or handbag will not work here. In case you start late, have a headlamp (with a charged battery) in your bag.

And if you still have a place in your bag, you should have a pair of extra socks that can come in handy.