Where Italy meets Slovenia and Austria, we find the most beautiful lakes in the country, the Fusine Lakes.  The two lakes are Lago di Fusine Superiore and Lago di Fusine Inferiore. These two greenish-blue wonders are one the most iconic places ins the Alps.

Plenty of people "camp out" around the lake all day. Families are having picnics, while the “tougher ones” go hiking in the area - as the starting point for many hiking trails is around the two lakes.

The popularity of the lakes is also because many Austrian and Slovenian tourists visit them all year round.

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Due to the close location of the border, other names are also known for the lakes: Weissenfelser Seen (German) and Belopeska Jezera (Slovenian).


We recommend you take at least 1-2 hours to visit the lakes, but rather a whole day. Follow the loop trail around Lago di Fusine Superiore for the best views. If you have more time, hike to Rifugio Luigi Zacchi hut (read more in the hiking section).

The alpine Fusine lakes

Map - Where are the Fusine Lakes?

Address, map, distances, approach, entrance

The lakes are located in the province of Udine, Italy. Territorially it belongs to Tarvisio. The Fusine Lakes offer a stunning view because they are located at the foot of the Mangart Mountains, one of the most majestic mountains in the Julian Alps (Alpe Giulie) and part of the natural border between Italy and Slovenia.

  • Address: 33018 Tarvisio, Province of Udine, Italy
Fusine lakes map

Kranjska Gora, one of Slovenia's most famous holiday towns and ski resorts, is within easy reach, while the Austrian town of Villach is also very close by.

  • Distance from Villach: 30 minutes / 32 km
  • Distance from Kranjska Gora: 20 minutes / 15 km


You can park next to Lake Superiore, where there is also a washbasin. The entrance is from the car park. It's about a 10-15 minute walk.

If you arrive on foot or bike, parking and admission are free. If you come by car, motorbike or caravan, you will have to pay a daily fee during the season. Have cash and cards with you.

  • Season: July 1 - Aug 31
  • Entrance and parking with motor: 2 euros
  • Entrance and parking by car: 3 euros
  • Entrance and parking with caravan: 15 euros

Is it possible to swim in the lake?

To the best of our knowledge, bathing in the lakes is prohibited. If you want to go swimming, choose the nearby Predil Lake (Lago di Predil) where you can d all sorts of water activities: swimming, boating, kayaking and SUP.

Hike around the lakes

On a comfortable, maintained forest route, you can walk through spruce trees between the two lakes.

#1 Lago Superiore

Many believe that the atmosphere of Lago Superiore is unique, making it more popular - and busier. It is larger than the two lakes, so the walk/hike is more exciting. The whole lake can be walked around the established path while admiring the huge mountains of the area as they are reflected on the surface of the water.

The trail around the lake is about 2 km, and it takes 45 minutes to complete.
The trail offers many points of view from the lake. From time to time, you will also find a bench where you can relax and enjoy the view.

#2 Lago Interfiore

Lago di Fusine Inferiore also has its charm, but unfortunately, it is impossible to walk it around. Here the route mostly leads in the woods, so it’s less exciting.

If you have time, visit both (combine the two lakes) and relax in nearby cafes. To hike both lakes, expect a 2-hours hike.

Coming from the north

If you want, you can also approach the lakes from the north, in which case you have to get to the Plačilo parkirnine car park. From here, you will head south to the lakes - first the Inferiore.

  • Starting point: Scicchizza (parking)
  • End point: Scicchizza (car park)
  • Tour length: 5 km
  • Tour time: 2 hours
  • Level difference: 200 m
  • Degree of difficulty: Easy
Laghi di Fusine video

#3 Rifugio Luigi Zacchi tour

If you want to climb the mountains in the area, choose Rifugio Luigi Zacchi (1380 m). Not a long yet spectacular tour awaits us. Your starting point is Lake Superiore (929 m), from where you will reach the tourist house in about 1.5 hours. In addition to hot food and refreshing drinks, your reward will be a super view.

  • Starting point: Lago di Fusine Superiore (929 m)
  • Distance: 3 km (forest trail)
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Level difference: 451 meters
  • Time required: 2.5 hours (loop trail)
  • Season: May-October
Rifugio Luigi Zacchi is usually open from the end of May to the end of September!

MTB trail

If you arrive by MTB, you can also ride up to the mountain hut, but leaving the lakes, you won't take the forest path on the left but the wider, gravel road on the right.

It will be approximately 4.5 km long in one direction. Along the way, it’s worth keeping in mind that hikers also use this road.

Opening hours and prices

The lakes are free to visit out of season. In the summer season, you have to pay a combined ticket for the entrance and the parking fee.

  • Season: Jan - Dec
  • Opening hours: every day, 0-24
  • Admission: between 2 and 15 euros (free for hikers and cyclists)
  • Parking: included in the entrance

Dog friendly?

Yes, feel free to take your dog with you.


There is a gravel and grassy road between the car park and the lake shore so that you can go to the lake either with a stroller or wheelchair. However, the hiking trail around the lake is no longer barrier-free (officially).

Formation of lakes

The lakes are glacial lakes in terms of their formation. The morphology of the Fusine Lakes and the valley below clearly indicates their icy origins, making them one of the best-known mountainous landscapes in the region.

In fact, there are two moraine dam lakes in the Fusine Cavity that formed during the retreat of the glaciers (about 15,000 / 16,000 years ago). The imposing north side of Mount Mangart and Ponze is reflected in the waters of the two lakes.

Highlights in the area

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