Next to the Italian-Slovenian border, to the west of the Predil pass, lies one of the most beautiful lakes of the Julian Alps, Lake Predil (Lago del Predil). The fabulously coloured lake is a popular destination among hikers visiting the area and with families, as it is possible to swim and go boating in the lake.

Since the lake is close to the Slovenian and the Austrian border, it has several well-known names. Raibler See in German and Rabeljsko jezero in Slovenian. These were named after the nearby mining village of Raibl - which is now part of Tarvisio. The official Italian name Predil comes from the Predil pass.

Many tourists during their holidays in Slovenia and Austria drop by Tarvisio for a day and admire its sights. In the summer, it is not uncommon for Slovenian, Italian, and Austrian families to spend a week in one of the nearby campsites.

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Lago del Predil Lake 

Map - Where is Lake Predil?

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Lago del Predil is located in the northern part of Italy, in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in the province of Udine. Administratively, it belongs to the municipality of Tarvisio. Part of the Alps, more precisely in the Julian Alps.

The Slovenian border is almost at arm's length, where the Triglav National Park stretches. The nearest Slovenian settlements are Strmec na Predelu and Log pod Mangartom. The Laghi di Fusine lakes, located a few kilometres away, are perhaps somewhat more famous.

  • Distance from Vienna: 4.5 hours / 380 km
  • Distance from Venice: 2.5 hours / 250 km
  • Distance from Tarvisio: 10 minutes / 6 km
  • Distance from Fusine lakes: 25 minutes / 20 km
  • Distance from Predil Pass: 8 minutes / 4 km
Lake Predil map (Lago del Predil)

Can you swim in Lago del Predil lake?

Yes, you can swim in the lake. Unlike the Laghi di Fusine lakes, swimming, boating and SUP are allowed in Lake Predil. All this is recommended in summer when the lake's temperature reaches a comfortable level.


Yes, dogs can also bathe in the lake.

More about the lake

The lake is approx. 1.5 km long and 0.5 km wide - its greatest depth reaches 30 meters. Compared to the surrounding mountains, the lake is lower - 969 meters. Lago del Predil is the second largest body of water in the region. Its water surface area reaches 1 km2.

The river called Seebach (Rio del Lago in Italian) flows through the lake. Among other things, it feeds it and drains its water. (Interestingly, certain sections of the river have different names.)

Another interesting thing about the lake is that it has a tiny island (this is perhaps the most photographed point of the lake).

Next to the lake, it is impossible not to notice the 2125-meter-high Cima del Lago mountain, which stands out from its surroundings with its huge dimensions. The 1909-meter Cinque Punte follows it.

Formation of the lake

In terms of its formation, it was created by natural swelling during the collapse of the surrounding mountains. So it is not a glacial lake, although it was presumably formed during the Ice Age.


Video of Lake Predil

Predil Pass (Passo del Predil)

Above the lake, on the SS54 road from Tarvisio, you reach the Predil pass on the border. The pass is a popular crossing point between the two countries. The 1156 m high pass connects the Kanal Valley (Italian side) with the Trenta Valley (Slovenia). The former remains of wartime buildings and bunkers can be discovered nearby.

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