Jamnik is a village on the Jelovica plateau in Slovenia. It belongs to the administrative district of Kranj n the region of Gorenjska. It is famous for the picturesque beauty of the medium-height hill, from which the view is also unparalleled.

Jamnik is truly stunning: on the plateau, you find lush forests as you see the Ljubljana Basin, bordered on the north by the Julian Alps and on the east by the Kamnik Alps.

Jamnik Hill played an important role in the Middle Ages when a warning fire was lit at the top whenever the Turkish army attacked the country.

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Jamnik, Slovenia

Jamnik church

The Church of St. Primus and Felician is a real tourist attraction, the most famous attraction in the area.

The shrine, built on top of the hill and offering a wonderful panoramic view, is visited by most tourists. Not in vain, as the church has been chosen as one of the most beautiful churches in the country.

The church stands above the village. The starting point of the hiking tour here is the village of Kropa.

The Saints were brothers Primus and Felician, who suffered martyrdom during the persecution of Diocletian during the year 297.

The settlement has a population of only around 40 people, so there is not much to do in the area. Most people stop here on their way from Ljubljana to Bled or to Kranjska Gora.

A village is a quiet place, a good solution for those who want to disappear from the eyes of the world for half a day. Fortunately, accommodation prices are low in the area.

Jamnik is a perfect place for those who like to hike and be outdoors but don’t want to conquer huge mountains.

Where is Jamnik?

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Jamnik is located in the Gorenjska region between Bled and Ljubljana. The town is located on the Jelovica plateau, which is part of the Kranj regional area. The two largest cities are Bled and Kranj.

  • Distance from Ljubljana: 50 minutes / 53 km
  • Distance from Lake Bohinj: 50 minutes / 43 km
  • Distance from Bled: 30 minutes / 22 km
  • Distance from Kranj: 30 minutes / 19 km

The plateau is easy to reach, you can get to the top by bike or even on foot.

Jamnik map - Ljubljana distance