The view of the enchanting Mediterranean towns of the Adriatic Sea and the olive and vineyards, cherry and peach trees of the 160-hectare Karst region are painted in golden sunlight. Who would have thought that wonderful things are hidden beneath the surface? More than 8000 karst caves and sinkholes are found here, excavated and made accessible by underground karst rivers.

Behind the Slovenian coast, the landscape is dotted with stone houses. Coming here, the thirsty visitor is offered excellent wines. The time spent here will be enjoyed by gourmets alike and those impressed by the underground world of the region.

The Karst region is the longest untouched rocky ridges in the Gulf of Trieste.

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The Karst region is part of the more extensive Notranjsko-Kraška and Obalno-Kraska regions in the south.

Things to see


The countryside is home to outstanding natural values. The area has become protected, with unique sandstone and marl formations, such as the 80-meter-high Strunjan rock wall on the Adriatic coast. The pristine rocky ranges run for several kilometres on the Strunjan Peninsula, making the landscape special both geologically and in terms of fauna and flora.

The protected area is home to many plant species already threatened with extinction in other parts of Slovenia, and the fresh waters of the Strunjan stream delta are teeming with wildlife.

The paradise of Stunjan

Skocjan cave

The Skocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are located 150 meters underground in the ravine of the river Reka.

The Skocjan cave system

Vilenica Cave

One of the main pride of Slovenia is that it was the first European country to open a cave to the public. The Vilenica Cave has been waiting for lovers of natural attractions since the 17th century.

Vilenica cave in Sezana

Postojna Cave

This is one of the most visited caves in the world and is famous for its stunning stalactite formations and a train ride that takes visitors through a portion of the cave's vast chambers.

The magnificent Postojna

Predjama Castle

Built into the mouth of a cave, this picturesque castle is a fascinating sight. It is known for its medieval architecture and the dramatic story of Erazem of Predjama, a knight who used the castle as a stronghold during the 15th century.

Castle Predjama

Lipica Stud Farm

This historic stud farm is the birthplace of the Lipizzaner horse breed, famous for their performances in classical dressage. Visitors can tour the farm, watch horse shows, and learn about the history and breeding of these elegant horses.

White horses of Lipicas

Rakov Škocjan

This natural reserve features a unique karst valley with collapsed cave systems, natural bridges, and picturesque walking paths. It has the same name as the Skocjan Cave; however, you will find the valley a little further. The river Rak formed it, making the landscape a real excursion paradise for couples and families.

The gorge of Rakov Skocjan

Salt pools

Today, only a few wetlands remain on the Slovenian coast. They were once abundant here but have evolved into salt basins. Today, only Strunjan and Secovlje have such wetlands in complete harmony with nature. The area was declared a nature reserve in 2001, and a museum has been set up to learn more about nationally significant salt production.

The salt marsh in Secovlje covers an area of ​​650 hectares and is the most ornithologically significant in the country. The composition of the birds that live, nest and overwinter here is much more varied than in similar areas. Of the 288 bird species found here, 90 also spend time here.

Hiking and biking

The Karst region offers various hiking and outdoor activities, allowing visitors to explore its natural beauty up close. Numerous trails lead through scenic landscapes and to various points of interest.

Hiking and biking in the area

Goriška Brda Wine Region

While not entirely within the Karst region, the nearby Goriška Brda area is known for its vineyards and wineries, allowing wine enthusiasts to sample local wines.

Goriška Brda

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