Few people have heard of the fabulous Lacul Drăgan (Lake Dragan), even though it could be called one of the most beautiful lakes in Romania. The artificial lake was created by swelling the river Dragan of the same name. Its coast is surrounded by hills, pine, and deciduous forests, making the landscape different every season. An indefatigable gem on the border of Bihar county.

It is the largest dam in Romania, 120 meters high and 424 meters long at the top. The riverbed is capable of storing 292 million cubic meters of water. The lake's water is used to generate electricity. Its exact depth is unknown.

You can also find it as Lake Floroiu on the map.

Map - Where is Lake Dragan?

You are in the southwestern part of Romania, in Cluj county, next to Bihar's border. The lake is located among the picturesque hills and forests of the Southern Carpathians, next to the Apuseni National Park. Cluj-Napoca is the nearest big city.

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  • Distance from Cluj: 100 km
  • Distance from Bucharest: 550 km
Lacul Dragan
Let's get lost in Cluj County, and discover the Carpathian mountains. 

More about the lake

Lacul Drăgan offers various leisure activities. You can pamper yourself hiking, fishing and bird watching. The relaxed atmosphere makes it an excellent location for camping and spending time in nature. The lake is also known for its fishing opportunities. Anglers often visit it to catch various fish species in the lake's waters. Fishing is regulated, so it is important to check local regulations and obtain the necessary permits before fishing.

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