You've probably come across Tolmin's name when you're planning to travel to Triglav National Park. The city appears several times before those looking for accommodation or a summer program in the Soca Valley. There are three major towns in the valley, one of which is Tolmin (the other two are Bovec and Kobarid).

The Slovenian town of 3,000 people is not only ideal for accommodation. Here you will also find one of the most beautiful gorges in Slovenia, the Tolmin Gorge.

Where is Tolmin?

Accessibility, distance, approach, packing, entrance

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Tolmin is located not far from the Italian border, in the Triglav National Park, in the Soca Valley. It can be reached within 2 hours from Ljubljana.

Tolmin map - Slovenia

History of Tolmin

Tolmin is the largest town on the banks of the river Soca. It lies at the confluence of the rivers Soca and Tolminka, under a steep hillside. The town was the epitome of the whole neighborhood (Tolminsko).

The area is located in the historic Goriška. To the north, you will find the town of Bovec, to the east Škofja Loka and Idrija.

Before Tolmin became part of the Habsburg Empire, it was also owned by the Bavarian princes. It was conquered by the German-Roman emperor Miksa I in the 16th century, but later became part of the Habsburg Empire and thus belonged to the Carinthian lords.

During the 19th century, it came to the French Empire of Napoleon. It was a city of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy until 1918 and was annexed to Italy after the First World War.

It came to Slovenia in 1991 when Yugoslavia was dissolved.

The city of Tolmin

Tolmin Gorge

Tolminska Korita

The Tolmin gorge is used to refer not only to the Tolmin gorge itself but also to the nearby gorge called Zadlascica. The two rivers (Tolminka and Zadlascica) meet here, continuing their journey together.

Tolmin gorge Details
Distance from Tolmin 2,2 km
Address Tolminska Korita, Zatolmin 66a, 5220 Tolmin, Slovenia
Length 2 km
Closed Mid Oct - Mid April
Season Mid April - Mid Oct
Opening hours Every day, 09:00 - 17:00 or 19:00
Admission 10 - 6 euro
Duration 1.5 hours
Difficulty Easy
Parking P1 and P2 (P2 is free)

The picturesque canyons are 2.2 km from Tolmin city center. The deep gorge awaits all visitors with moss-covered walls and high rock formations.

The gorge itself is longer than you can walk in, as only a 2 km stretch of it has been built. The gorge has two levels. One passes by the Tolminka River. At the end of it is the fabulous, narrow strait.

The other option is to go up the stairs above the river and continue on your way. Here you can also see the Bear's Head or the Devil's Bridge. The bridge over the gorge is called Hudičev Most.

The gorge with all its sights is approx. 1.5 hours to walk around.

Tolmin gorge

Entrance, prices

You need to switch tickets to see the gorge. Prices vary from season to season. Admission is most expensive in July and August.

  • Adult ticket: 6 - 10 euros
  • Child ticket: 3 - 5 euros
  • Under 5 years: free

Opening hours

The gorge is open every day during the season. In summer, of course, the opening hours are longer.

  • Closed: mid-October to mid-April
  • Season: 09:00 - 17:00 / 19:00