Cities of Slovakia

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Get to know more about the cities of Slovakia - Maps, attractions, photos, details, things to do ...

Bratislava Top 13 Attractions, Slovakia Guide 2022

Bratislava, the Slovak capital, has countless attractions within its borders and beyond. The city, located next to the Austrian border, is very popular - especially among Hungarian and Austrian tourists. Regardless of the season, in winter and summer, many people visit its museums, squares, and castles in the area, but...

Kosice Top 13 Attractions (in and around the city 2022)

The second-largest city in Slovakia, the southeastern centre of the country, is Košice. The city along the Hornad River (also called the Hornad river) has a rich history and cultural heritage. It has many attractions, most of which can be found in the historic city centre. Not far from Košice,...

Banska Stiavnica Top 13 Attractions, Slovakia (2022)

One of the most popular destinations among Upland hikers and city tourists is the Slovak Banska Stiavnica. The town, built on a hillside has a special atmosphere, which is why you should visit it at least once! The city has played an important role in the economy for centuries. At...
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