In an earlier post, we summarised everything you need to know about Bärenschützklamm (Bear Gorge). You've undoubtedly heard of the popular Austrian gorge and seen a lot of pictures, but do you know what else you can do in the area?

Enjoy a great weekend if you have decided to spend several days around Bärenschützklamm. And in this case, you should know what programs to choose from!  Looking forward to some programs guaranteed to please you is a good idea.

You can easily find 2-5 days' worth of experiences depending on how many programs you choose from our selection.

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List of Attractions

Bärenschützklamm attractions Address Distance from Bärenschützklamm Season Opening hours Closed Prices Min age Dog firendly? Website
Bärenschützklamm Bärenschütz Weg 40, 8131 Mixnitz, Austria 0 km May - Oct, every day 07:30 - 16:00 (last entrance) Nov - Apr 3,5 - 5 euro 6 yrs No
Teichalm Adventure park 8163 Fladnitz an der Teichalm 32 km May - Oct, every day 10:00 - 18:00 Off season: closed on Mon, Tue, Wed 5 - 25 euro 0 yrs No
Raabklamm, Raba gorge Raabklamm Kleinsemmering 1328160 Weiz 32 km Every day 00:00 - 24:00 - - 0 yrs Yes -
Trail - The Hanging Marshland Latschenhütten Weg 8163, Österreich 25 km Every day, ex. winter 00:00 - 24:00 Winter Free 0 yrs Yes
Ecopark Hochreiter (Wildlife Park) An der Teichalmstraße 1, 8614 Breitenau am Hochlantsch, Österreich 10 km Apr - Oct, every day 10:00 - 18:00 Nov - March 6,5 -8 euro 0 yrs No
Kesselfall Gasthaus Sandwirt (starting point) 35 km - - - 2 euro 0 yrs Yes
Sulamith's Hanging Garden im Almenland AT, Sulamith Weg 1, 8171 St. Kathrein am Offenegg 50 km May - Oct 13:00 - 17:00 (Wed - Sun) Nov - Apr 7 -3 euro 0 yrs No
Alpaca Hiking and Farm Sonnleitberg 34, 8616 Gasen 30 km Jan - Dec Every day - - 0 yrs No
We also considered the kids in this list, so most programs are ideal for families.

#1 Bärenschützklamm

The long route of Bear Gorge next to Mixnitz can be completed in about a day (about 6 hours), while the shorter tour can be completed comfortably in up to 4 hours, i.e. half a day.

All you need to know - Barenschutzklamm

Our full post about Bärenschützklamm can be found here. In this post, you will find all about the one or half-day tours, the accommodations in the area, entrance prices, and opening hours. This information is not included in this post.

#2 Teichalm Adventure Park

Located on the other side of Bear Gorge (not at the entrance), the village of Teichalm offers an adventure park for adults and children alike. Here, you can live out the extra energy that lies within you.

Adventure Park Teichalm

Next to Mixnitz, in the direction of Guten Hirten and Tyrnaueralm, is the largest adventure park in Almenland Nature Park. The sky playground, with 70 obstacles in the forest, promises special experiences.

Training ground for small children

Inside the park, there is a forest park for the smaller ones, which tests the more minor children on the ground. Anyone can enter this park section as there is no minimum age limit! The entrance fee is 5 euros for children, while the accompanying parents can enter for free!

Children develop motor skills during the exercises by imitating the fox's movement. The larger cableway for children and adults consists of 8 stages and 70 exercises. The park is spread over 3 hectares, and the highest rope point is 13 meters. Google Maps

  • Address: 8163 Fladnitz an der Teichalm
  • Distance from Bear Gorge: About 25 minutes / 32 km
  • Opening hours: May - October
  • Daily opening hours: Vary (10-18)
  • Closed: Vary (Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays in low season)
  • Website
  • Admission: 5 - 24 euros
  • Min Age: 0 years
  • Dog-friendly? We have no information.

#3 Raabklamm gorge

Are you still not tired of the gorges? Then let's go. If you still want to explore another gorge after (or before) the Bear Gorge, don't miss the nearby Raabklamm. In the strait, you can enjoy a relaxing half-day trip.

Raabklamm, Raba gorge
Austria's longest gorgeÉ: Raabklamm

The gorge gained its reputation by being Austria's longest-running gorge. The magnificent rift consists of two parts, the Small - and the Great Raba Gorge. The two gorges are 17 km long. Raabklamm is located on the edge of Almenland Naturpark. You can enter the area in several places!

You'll see steep walls, sometimes vast canyons, wooden boards, and bridges.  The gorge can only be walked on the designated route. The tour takes about half a day and is not demanding.

  • Tour distance: 4 hours / 10 km back and forth
  • Elevation: 370 m
  • Tour distance: 4 hours / 10 km just to get there
  • Elevation: 340 m - 450 m
  • Address: Raabklamm Kleinsemmering 1328160 Weiz
Compared to Bärenschützklamm, Raba Gorge has something else in store for you. You'll cross fewer bridges and wooden boards, and the "hiking" terrain will be much more playful. If you have time and want to go on a trip. Due to the limited time, I do not recommend touring the two gorges on the same day.

#4 Moor Trail in Teichalm

The recently renovated swamp trail runs around Lake Teichalm. The swampy path, built of larch, is a comfortable, relaxing program for the whole family.

Moor trail in Teichalm

This area is the only one with moors and is even one of Austria's last remaining alpine pine swamps. Its attractiveness is due to the easy-to-complete hiking trail and the special flora and fauna found here. The "Moor trail" route starts directly from the "Teichalmsee", or Teichalm Lake. You can park at the starting point!

The walking path around the lake is suitable for wheelchairs or strollers!

  • Address: Latschenhütten Weg 8163, Österreich
  • Distance from Bear Gorge: About 30 minutes / 25 km
  • Opening hours: Every day (except in winter)
  • Daily opening hours: 0-24
  • Closed: In winter
  • Admission: Free
  • Barrier-free?: Yes (accessible with wheelchairs and strollers!)
  • Min. Age: 0 years
  • Dog-friendly? Yes

Hiking trail

  • The tour starts at Latschenhütte, next to Lake Teichalm.
  • From here, you will go through raised planks to Mixnitzbach, reaching the so-called alder swamp.
  • You can take a more significant break by leaving the triple point on the map. This open part is specifically designed for relaxation and meditation. Your journey then continues along a path surrounded by spruce trees.
  • The tour ends at the same place you started, at point 1 on the map.
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#5 Eco Park Hochreiter

Make friends on the 1 km trail with the local farm animals. Donkeys, goats, deer, foxes, raccoons, and many other cute animals await you to stop by. With children, the wildlife park promises to be an ideal program, and the distance should not be an obstacle, as the animal park is only 23 minutes from Bear Gorge. The park is also in the Almenland Nature Park, on Teichalm Street.  You can find the route here on Google Maps.

  • Address: An der Teichalmstraße 1, 8614 Breitenau am Hochlantsch, Austria
  • Distance from Bear Gorge: About 23 minutes / 20 km
  • Season: Mid-April - End of October (every day)
  • Opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00
  • Admission: €7 - €5.5
  • Barrier-free?: We have no official information.
  • Min. Age: 0 years
  • Dog-friendly? We have no information.

Admission for adults and children up to 15 is EUR 7. For more minor children, it is only 5.50 euros. Expect the program to last for about 1.5 hours.

#6 Kesselfall Waterfall

Kesselfallklamm Gorge can be a romantic addition to the weekend. Its distance from Bear Gorge is only 31 minutes (34 km), while the gorge can be walked in about 1.5 hours. I've offered you another gorge, Raba Gorge, but Kesselfall could be a shortcut. I suggest you start the tour from the bottom and go uphill. Admission is about 2 euros per person.

  • Start- and endpoint: Guest House Sandwirt
  • Length: 2.7 km
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Level difference: 180 m
  • Route numbers: 740 and 740b
  • Parking: at Guest House Sandwirt
  • On Google Maps, you can find Kesselfall Gorge here.

#7 Sulamith's Hanging Garden

Sulamith's garden, built by the Sichart family, is a charming local plant and spice garden of 4,000 m² open to all flower lovers! It's a real, local miracle that few tourists know about. The family developed a different theme in the garden, carried out with a separate cascading solution. Rare species of different origins (more than 100), herbs and bushes, and shrubs can be found for medicinal purposes.

  • The garden is only an hour from the Bear Gorge.
  • Count about two hours for the program. In the garden, you can buy soaps and other plant products.
  • Address: Im Almenland AT, Sulamith Weg 1, 8171 St. Kathrein am Offenegg
  • Distance from Bear Gorge: About 55 minutes / 50 km
  • Opening hours: May 1st - October 26th
  • Daily opening hours: 13:00 - 17:00 Wednesday - Sunday
  • Closed: On Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Website
  • Admission: 7 euros + 3 euros for an audio guide
  • Min. Age: 0 years
  • Dog-friendly?: We have no information

#7 Farm Gasen Alpaca

I also wanted to favour myself with this extra program, as I am a big llama and alpaca lover. I've heard of the so-called alpaca walking before, but I admit I haven't tried it yet. Yes, even that's possible at the Bear Gorge!

What's alpaca walking?

The increasingly popular program hides precisely what first comes to your mind. It's nothing more than walking a dog, but alpacas can be walked in forests and fields instead of a puppy. Since these fluffy animals also require a lot of movement, this new "form of excursion" is helpful for humans and animals with soft fur.

The alpaca hiking trail has a 300 m elevation and is about 6 km long. The location is on a huge area of the family estate. The tour is only possible if an appointment with the family is made in advance.

  • Gasen Alpaka farm is located on the Stelzer family estate, about 40 minutes by car and 31 km from the Bear Gorge. You can find it here on Google Maps.
  • Address: Sonnleitberg 34, 8616 Gasen
  • Website

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