Golica, covered with daffodils, lies in the range of the Western Karavanke. The 1,836-meter-high Slovenian mountain peak is next to the Austrian border, not far from the Triglav National Park.

Golica is known for the fact that the hillside is full of daffodils, which amaze hikers when it blooms. That is why the Slovenes are considered one of the country's most beautiful places.

Daffodils are visible in spring (April to May). Interestingly, the flowers are poisonous to animals, so local farmers used to mow them down. Although cows, lambs, and goats graze here today - the flowers are only found at the bottom of the mountain.

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Quick Details

Golica peak Details
Country Slovenia
Location Gorenjska
Nearest town Skofja Loka
Distance from Ljubljana 1,5 hours / 70 km
Height 1 836 m
Hiking difficulty 3+2 hours | 855 m level
Family-friendly destination? Yes (not the summit)
Dog-friendly destination? Yes


Hiking to Golica (Slovenian Alps)

Map - Where is Golica?

Location, map, distance, getting there

The peak is found in the range of the Western Karavanke, which is a member of The Alps (it also extends to Austria). The mountain is located in Slovenia, next to Austria. However, the mountain is quite close to Bled, is not part of the Triglav National Park.

Golica map - Ljubljana and Bled distance

The nearest big city is Jesenice. Near the peak, you will find the mountain village of Planina pod Golico.

  • Distance from Jesenice: 35 minutes / 14 km
  • Distance from Bled: 45 minutes / 25 km
  • Distance from Ljubljana: 1.5 hours / 71 km
  • Distance from Klagenfurt: 1.5 hours / 70 km

Golica hike

If you want to conquer the summit - or just take a hike with the kids in a field covered with flowers - you have to drive to the town called Planina pod Golica. This will be the starting point of your 10-kilometer hike. The name of the settlement bears the name of the peak, meaning the Golica plateau.

After you leave the village, your journey will start in the woods. Your company will be the fresh, alpine air and a small stream following your steps. During the tour, you can rest at the Golica mountain hut. The hut is located on the edge of the forest line. Here you can have lunch, have a drink or use the toilet.

The terrain is not technical, so it can be climbed with experienced children as well. The route is not barrier-free, hence, you can't use a stroller.

Aside from a few steeper ascents, there will be no particular challenge.

Anyone who used to use a hiking stick should not leave it there now, because it will come in handy when descending.

Hiking Golica Details
Start and endpoint Planina pod Golica
Parking Anywhere in the village
Duration 4,5 - 5 hours
Tour's length 10 km
Level difference 850 m
Min age 8 yrs
Difficulty Easy
Mountain hut Golica (1 582 m)

Season and prices

The peak can be climbed all year round, hiking and trekking are not restricted. However, it is worth keeping in mind that the tourist house can only be visited during the summer and autumn seasons.

Koča na Golici 1,582 m

Golica hut

As you leave the forest, you find a tourist house called Koca na Golici at an altitude of 1,582 meters. The peak is only 40 minutes from the lodge.

Before World War II, there was another hut near the mountaintop, but it was demolished by partisans.


The restaurant can accommodate 50 hikers inside and 80 outside. The house also provides accommodation with a total of 41 beds (25 beds in 5 rooms and one 15-person dormitory).


  • Address: Planina pod Golico 100, 4270 Jesenice, Slovenia
  • Approach: hiking only

Opening hours

The cottage is open from April to the end of September. The daily opening hours are from 06:00 to 10:00.

In the hut, you can expect average prices.

Golica hut, Slovenia

More hiking

If the Golica hadn’t been enough, you could go further from the lodge to several mountains in the area. Here are the top 3 destinations:

  • Klek peak (1,488 m), about 2 hours hike
  • Rozca peak (1,587 m), about 3 hours hike
  • Stol Peak (2,236 m), about 5 hours hike

If you want to do something other than hiking, we recommend trying out an MTB tour or paragliding.

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