If you only have time to visit one region during your trip to Slovenia, choose the Gorenjska region. Located in the northwest of Slovenia, this region has been the most developed area in the country for centuries and has a long tradition of tourism.

Here you can see beautiful historic towns, traditional villages, alpine lakes, the mountains of the Alps, and almost all forms of outdoor connection can be found here. By visiting the region, you can learn about the traditional way of life of the locals and gain insight into the traditions of alpine milk production.

Map of Gorenjska region

Triglav National Park is the only national park in Slovenia. The area is shared between the Gorenjska and Goriska regions. In the middle of the park stands proudly Slovenia's highest point, Triglav mountain. In addition, rocky ravines, sunny alpine pastures, deep gorges, and rare plant and animal species enrich the countryside with many natural values.

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Gorenjska region map, Slovenia
The well-known Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin are in the Neighbouring region of Goriska.

#1 Lake Bled

The jewel and symbol of the Gorenjska region is Lake Bled, which attracts tourists worldwide. A fabulous alpine panorama and a mysterious island surround the thermal lake. A magical castle and a pleasant lakeside promenade make it perfect.

Lake Bled is the most visited attraction in Slovenia. During the Habsburg era, Lake Bled was a privileged place where country leaders and diplomats were invited to important meetings.

  • Distance from Ljubljana: 40 mins / 55 km.
Lake Bled
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#2 Vintgar Gorge

Less than 4 km from Lake Bled lies one of the most beautiful jewels in Slovenia, the 1.6 km long Vintgar Gorge. If you are visiting Bled, you should not miss the second most popular attraction in the region. The gorge tour covers about 2 hours. On the way, you have to move on wooden planks on the left side of the gorge and the right side. The Sum Waterfall awaits the amazed tourists at the end of the gorge.

  • Distance from Ljubljana: 40 mins / 55 km
Vintgar gorge
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#3 Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is an untouched alpine lake, the largest glacial lake in the country. It is 4.2 km long and 1 km wide, with a depth of 45 m at its deepest point. A footpath runs around the shore of the lake, starting from the church at Ribcev Laz, the eastern end of the lake.

The lake's surroundings are shrouded in silence in spring and autumn, but in summer, the sounds of bathers and beachgoers resonate with the landscape. You can swim in the lake or rent SUP, a boat or a bike. Several ski resorts near Lake Bohinj, such as Vogel, Kobla and Soriska Planina. The countryside is also rich in cultural heritage.

  • Distance from Ljubljana: 1 hour / 80 km
Lake Bohinj
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#4 Kranjska Gora

In summer, Kranjska Gora is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Hiking, horse riding, cycling, fishing, paragliding, and even climbing can add colour to your program in stunning natural surroundings. In winter, the town is a popular ski resort where you can go skiing or try sleighing, dog sledging, or snowshoeing.

The nightlife of Kranjska Gora leaves nothing to be desired. Bars and casinos keep you entertained, and you can visit the city’s spa. It is a very good program for children to visit Kekec Land, the world of the Slovenian folk tale hero Kekec.

  • Distance from Ljubljana: 1 hour / 85 km
Kranjska Gora
Kranjska Gora
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#5 Kranj

The central town of the Gorenjska region is Kranj. Its industry, trade and culture can be traced back to historical perspectives. In its Old town, you can see the works of the famous Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik. Kranj is located near the river Sava, 30 kilometres northwest of Ljubljana. It is roughly halfway between the capital city and Bled.

Kranj, Slovenia
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#6 Skofja Loka

Skofja Loka is justifiably proud of its medieval city centre, one of the most preserved old towns in the country. Walking and watching here is an experience, but we recommend you visit Loka Castle. It has several museum collections and a castle garden, an open-air museum.

The highest point of Skofja Loka is Blegos, below which the valleys Poljanska Dolina and Selska Dolina are located. The craft traditions of the area perfectly complement their natural beauty.

Zelezniki was once the centre of an ironworks, now much more famous for its lace, while Drazgose's name is associated with gingerbread. Hiking trails cross the mountains of Skofja Loka, and hikers can choose from themed routes and traditional food in the inns.

Skofja Loka 
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#7 Jezersko

Slovenian tourists mainly visit Jezersko; foreigners have not yet discovered it. The town is located near the Austrian border in the northern Gorenjska region. Tucked away in the high mountains, the city has all the necessary facilities for a quiet break. Jezersko is famous for its native sheep. Old farmhouses and granaries are dotted here, and the unspoilt mountains await hikers.

  • Distance from Ljubljana: 1 hour / 55 km
Jezersko, Slovenia
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