One of the most exciting attractions in Carinthia is the Groppensteinschlucht Gorge, which is studded with waterfalls. The wide gorge that can be traversed along a 2.5 km long route is a real treat in the Mölltal region. Since the trail is a child- and dog-friendly, the whole family can have a great time.

During your journey, you follow the river through the forest. Observe pools under your feet, enjoy whirlpools and roars, and count numerous waterfalls, of which a 30-meter waterfall will be the highest.

Quick Details

Groppensteinschlucht Details
Season June - Mid Oct
Opening hours Every day, 09:00 - 16:00
Prices 8 - 4 euros
Address Raufen 3, 9821 Obervellach, Austria
Location Mölltal, Carinthia, Austria
Parking Next to the entrance (free)
Distance from Klagenfurt 1.5 hours / 110 km
Kid-friendly? Yes
Barrier-free? No
Dog-friendly? Yes

Map - Where is Groppensteinschlucht?

The Groppensteinschlucht gorge is located in the western part of Carinthia, in the Mölltal. Of course, it is in Austria among the peaks of the Alps. The gorge officially belongs to the settlement called Obervellach.

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  • Address: Raufen 3, 9821 Obervellach, Austria
  • Distance from Villach: 1 hour / 70 km
  • Distance from Klagenfurt: 1.5 hours / 110 km
  • Distance from Vienna: 6.5 hours / 580 km
Groppnsteinschlucht gorge map - Vienna distance


You can leave your car in the free parking lot next to the entrance.

Map & Hiking trail

Exceptionally, the gorge was not named after the Mallnitzbach stream that flows through it (and shapes it), but rather from the Groppenstein castle above the gorge. You can see this in the lower left corner of the map.

Map of the Groppensteinschlucht gorge | Website
Groppensteinschlucht trail Details
Length of the hike 2.5 km
Duration of the hike 1.5 hours
Difficulty Easy
Level diff 230 m (692 m - 922 m)
Kid-friendly? Yes, from 6 yrs
Loop trail? Yes (oneway in the gorge)
Attractions Raufenfall, Groppenstein wasserfall, Zechnerfall with a viewppoint, Groppenstein Castle, toll gate, old mill

Your journey through the gorge and back will be about 1.5 hours. Calculate one hour to go uphill and half an hour for the way back. The starting point is Mautturm, the hiking distance is 2.5 km. You can only hike in one direction in the gorge.

Starting from the ticket office and the entrance, after a short hike, you reach a small waterfall called Raufenfall (approx. 10 minutes walk). Later, after about a 20-minute walk, you will come to the most spectacular point of the gorge, the 30-meter-high Groppenstein waterfall.

During your journey, you travel along wooden platforms and bridges while the depth below you constantly changes. Towards the end of the gorge, the road will only be attached to the rock walls, with the gaping valley gorge under your feet.

The last waterfall in the gorge will be the Zechnerfall, where you should expect a smaller crowd, as this is the end of the gorge.


Groppenstein video
Groppenstein gorge video

Opening hours and prices

The gorge is only open during the summer. The season is affected by weather conditions, but in general it opens in mid-May and stays open until mid-October.

Groppensteinschlucht Opening hours and prices
Season Mid May - Early October
Opening hours 09:00 - 17:00
Szeptember - Október eleje 09:00 - 16:00
Prices 4 - 8 euros
Online tickets Not available
Paymant Card or cash
Parking Free

Child friendly?

Yes, you can take your children to the gorge, but the recommended minimum age is six years. Fortunately, the hiking distance and elevation gain are not significant.


Unfortunately, you cannot enter the gorge with a stroller or a wheelchair. Since confident movement coordination is essential, it is also not recommended for crutches.

Dog friendly?

Yes, you can also go with dogs, but only on a leash!

More about the gorge

The tributary valley leading to Mallnitz was already opened to merchants in the Middle Ages with the construction of the toll gate at Obervellach (the starting point of the Groppenstein gorge). This marked the passage, the so-called "Fuggerstraße", which led through the Korntauern mountain. The shepherds of the Gastein region also used this route.

Today, the former customs gate functions as a ticket office. The one-story, square-shaped building built of stone is a 4x4 meter tower. The toll gate operated from the second half of the 13th century to the first half of the 16th century, and during this time, it belonged to the archduke.

Tip: At the starting point of the gorge, the remains of the paper and pulp mill built by the Fleischhacker family can still be seen today.

Groppenstein Castle

The castle marks the entrance to the Groppenstein gorge. The characteristic building was transformed into a fortress in the 15th century and has stood tall as a citadel ever since.

Groppenstein Castle | Wikimedia Commons

In 1872, the Viennese architect Adolf Stipperger renovated the castle and formed it into its current appearance. It also houses a drawbridge and a gate tower.

  • Unfortunately, the castle cannot be visited from the inside.
  • Address: Raufen 3, 9821 Obervellach, Austria

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