Nassfeld (Naßfeld) - the popular ski resort in winter - is also worth paying attention to in the summer. The region in Carinthia is crisscrossed by approximately 1000 km of hiking trails that lead through alpine peaks, lakes, valleys, and pastures. It is a real tourist paradise in one of Austria's most popular provinces.

In addition to its 110 km ski resort, Nassfeld specializes in families and couples in the summer. There are many returning tourists thanks to its bathing lakes and child-friendly attractions. Couples come to hike, bike, and eat delicious food.

The Nassfeld recreation area is located on the Italian-Austrian border. Thus, with a little movement, you can easily enjoy the hospitality of both countries.
Hiking in Nassfeld during the summer is a wonderful way to explore the beautiful alpine landscapes of this region in Austria. Nassfeld is primarily known as a ski resort in the winter, but it also offers a variety of outdoor activities in the summer months.

Map - Where is Nassfeld?

Nassfeld is a resort town in Austria's Carinthia province. It belongs to Hermagor, a region of the province (Hermagor is also a village not far from here). You are in the Alps - more precisely, in the Carnic Alps. On one side is the Gail Valley, while on the other is the Canal Valley.

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  • Distance from Villach: 1 hour / 65 km
  • Distance from Klagenfurt: 1.5 hours / 100 km
  • Distance from Vienna: 5 hours / 400 km

When you hear the name Nassfeld, you should not think of a city but of the surrounding area, of which altitude varies between 600 and 2,800 meters above sea level. The countryside lies next to Italy, but Slovenia is also pretty close.

More about the area

  • Scenic Trails: Nassfeld is surrounded by stunning alpine scenery, and numerous hiking trails take you through lush forests, past alpine meadows, and up to panoramic viewpoints. The trails vary in difficulty, so there are options for hikers of all levels, from beginners to experienced hikers.
  • Alpine Lakes: Some hikes in the Nassfeld region lead to beautiful alpine lakes, such as Lake Pressegger See. These lakes provide scenic views and opportunities for swimming, picnicking, and relaxation.
  • Mountain Huts: Along the trails, you'll often find mountain huts or alpine restaurants where you can take a break, enjoy traditional Austrian cuisine, and soak in the alpine atmosphere.
  • Wildlife Watching: The region has various wildlife species, including marmots and chamois. Keep an eye out for these animals as you hike through the area.

Nassfeld-Pressegger See Nature Park

You will notice that the region is also called the Nassfeld-Pressegger See Recreation Area. Nassfeld and the lake further north form a common tourist area. You can swim, sail, and kayak in the 28-degree water in the summer. It’s a family-friendly resting place with an average depth of 3.4 meters. (Nassfeld distance: 25 km/30 minutes)

This nature park encompasses the Nassfeld region and offers many hiking opportunities. You can explore the diverse flora and fauna of the area while enjoying the tranquillity of the mountains.

Nassfeld Pass

At 1530 meters, you find the Nassfeld Pass, through which you can get to Italy by car. The winding panoramic road is also popular among cyclists. It can be said that it has a practical purpose, and cycling enthusiasts can also enjoy it.


The area offers exceptional hiking and climbing routes, from short to full-day trails. The coolest thing about hiking is that some trails cross the Italian border. So technically, you are going to hike in both Austria and Italy at the same time. There are 150 hiking trails of various lengths. Among these, there are plenty that are suitable for your level. You can find everything from child-friendly, family itineraries to multi-day hut-to-hut tours.

Three mountains define Nassfeld's skyline. These are Gartnerkofel (2195 m), Trogkofel (2280 m) and Rosskofel (2240 ​​m). These are worth targeting if you want to hike one of the region's peaks.

Rosskofel (medium hike)

One of the most exciting tours goes up to Rosskofel, which takes approx. 5-6 hours. During the tour, you had to climb 680 meters and a distance of approximately 6 km. Our starting point is 1,687 meters in a free parking lot (46.560778, 13.252859).

Gartnerkofel (easy hike)

The Gartnerkofel is a way easier, friendlier tour. If you don't have much mountain climbing experience, you should choose this one, since here you only have to climb a level of 350 meters. The route is 3 km long, which should take 1.5 - 2 hours, including breaks. Our starting point will be the Gartnerkofel Sesselbahn chairlift at 1,900 meters.

Family routes

You can find approximately 30 tourist routes that can be covered in less than an hour. In addition to these short trails, the following slightly longer routes are worth checking out: Carnic Milky Way, 1.5 km long Aqua trail, “Brot- und Morendenweg” (Lesachtal), Weissensee, and Presseggersee roundtrip.

On Nassfeld's official website, you can filter between the different hiking trails.


Like hiking, cycling is also very popular in Nassfeld, with no less than 950 km of cycle paths available. Electric MTBs can be rented in several places, but you have to expect that if you want to ride a road bike, you should bring your own because there won't be a large selection.

You can also take our bikes up to the roof with the lift for an extra 8-10 euros.

Cable cars

Many routes start at a station of cable cars that also operates in the summer. The most popular of these are:

  • Millenium Express
  • Gartnerkofel
  • Madritschen

To use the lift, you have to pay approximately 15 - 17 euros per person (the price includes the return trip). Many trails are available from the Millennium Bahn, which takes you high into the mountains, so you'll have amazing views right from the start of the hike. In addition, there is even a children's hiking trail at the top of the lift, where the little ones can explore a trampoline and water features.

While summer hiking in Nassfeld can be stunning, be prepared for changes in weather, including rain or cooler temperatures, even in the summer months. It's essential to dress in layers and bring proper hiking gear.

Things to see

#1 Outdoor park Nassfeld

The adventure park can be a perfect choice for both children and adults. The 40,000 m² rope and climbing course in the forest offers one of the most exciting programs in the region. Address: 9620 Sonnenalpe Nassfeld, Austria. Season: June - October. Prices: 15 - 30 euros.

#2 Pendolino Mountain Coaster

As usual, there is also a summer bobsleigh track in Nassfeld. During the 2 km slide, you will experience a 400-meter difference in level. Season: June - September. One round: 16 euros (3 rounds 30 euros).

#3 Llama tour

At a local small farm, Lamaland, you can get to know llamas and even take them for a walk - at a pre-arranged time. German language skills will be required to organize the program, as the owner only speaks German. Address: Neudorf 25 9620 Hermagor - Pressegger See. (Nassfeld distance: 45 minutes / 20 km)

Tip: 20 km from Nassfeld, you can also find the Gailtal Bauer farm, which may also be interesting for animal lovers. Address: Kirchbach 195, 9632, Austria (distance from Nassfeld: 20 km / 30 minutes)

#4 Weissensee

The 6.5-hectare Weissensee is further away, 1 hour's drive from Nassfeld. The biggest attraction of the fabulously coloured lake is that you can swim in it (approximately 25 degrees), so it is visited by hikers and those looking for passive relaxation. It is almost a mandatory program for children. By the way, the lake is connected by a 140 km long hiking trail. (Nassfeld distance: 45 km / 1 hour)


#5 Garnitzenklamm gorge

There are no gorges on Nassfed, but one of the most exciting gorges in Carinthia can be found just 30 minutes away. The Garnitzenklamm - the Garnitzen Gorge - is an exciting sight and a comfortable challenge for everyone.

The gorge full of waterfalls is a real geological paradise. The 4.5 km long route can be walked comfortably, even with children, in about 2 hours. One of the most spectacular points of the gorge is the wooden bridges that lead across the river in a unique curve. Address: Eggeralmstraße, 9620 Möderndorf, Austria. (Nassfeld distance: 20 km / 30 minutes)


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