Although surrounded by many more popular resorts, Kobarid is still an undiscovered gem in Slovenia. With stunning natural surroundings, many historical sights, and excellent gastronomy - Kobarid awaits travellers deviating from the main tourist routes.

The Soca Valley is the most popular destination in the Triglav National Park. Here are three charming small towns - Bovec, Tolmin, and Kobarid. In addition to Bovec, Tolmin and Kobarid are also attracting more and more visitors each year.


City of Kobarid, Soca valley, Slovenia
City of Kobarid, Soca valley, Slovenia
City of Kobarid, Soca valley, Slovenia

What to do in Kobarid?

There are plenty of things to do near Kobarid. You can choose from several activities, through which you can get to the most beautiful natural sights and viewpoints.

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There are many hiking trails around Kobarid, most of which tourists choose the historic theme. It guides you through 5 km of historical events while not ignoring the natural beauties. You can walk along the Kobarid Historic Trail on your own, or even with a guide.

In addition to hiking, biking is also quite popular in the area. You can easily find many mountain biking trails (for ex. to Mt. Matajur). There are even a couple of bike rental services as well (who provide both MTB and e-MTB).

Rafting, kayaking, canyoning

You can also enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, white water rafting, or canyoning. ne of the most popular canyoning tour leads you through the wild Kozjak canyon. The beautiful natural environment guarantees that whatever you choose, we will have a wonderful experience.


Finds from the Iron Age also prove that the settlement played an important role in antiquity. Yet the major event in Kobarid’s history can be traced back to World War I when German-backed Austrian troops broke through the city’s defensive line and massacred thousands of Slovenian soldiers.

The Kobarid Museum, which was also voted the best museum in Europe in 1993, tells more about this tragic event.

Gastronomy of Kobarid

In Slovenia, Kobarid is best known for its great restaurants. Lovers of gastronomy and fans of wine will not find fault with the city's offer. Just 15 km from the Italian border, the Italians would come here to eat a good one, as the seafood and meat dishes served here have a very good reputation.

Tip: During the trip, we will taste the cheeses of the neighboring town of Tolmin and learn more about the traditions of making cheese!

Attractions near Kobarid

#1 Kozjak waterfall

Take a trip to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Slovenia! Kozjak Falls is a must-see in this area. It has a total of 6 waterfalls, two of which can be visited. The waterfall, which descends into a cavernous depression, forms a beautiful turquoise lake.

Kozjak Waterfall, Kobarid

#2 Napoleon's Bridge

Near Kobarid, in the narrowest part of the gorge, is the Napoleon's Bridge. This is perhaps the most beautiful point on the historic trail. From the very beginning, a bridge stood here, which was demolished by the Venetians in 1616. The Napoleon Bridge was built of stone in 1750 when the imperial troops marched.

In World War I, this bridge was blown up, later the Italians built a wooden bridge and then an iron bridge in its place. During World War II, partisans defended Kobarid from the bridge. The memory of these wartime periods is preserved by two monuments next to the bridge.

Napoleon Bridge, Kobarid

#3 Italian Charnel House

At the top of the Gradic hill above Kobarid, we can see the Italian Crypt House opened by Benito Mussolini. It was built in honor of Italian soldiers killed in World War I. A total of 7014 unknown soldiers from the area were exhumed and relocated here.

The Crypt House is the work of Italian sculptor Giannino Castiglioni and Italian architect Giovanni Grappi. The building consists of 3 concentric circles that become narrower as they rise. The names and ranks of the soldiers can be read in two rounds, and the church of St. Anton, built in 1669, stands in the middle of the third round.

The whole building was designed as a circle. A pleasant walk from the center of Kobarid is approx. We can get here in 10 minutes. The Crypt House is also worth a visit for its views.

The Italian Charnel House, Kobarid

#4 Krn Mountains (2,244 m)

Krn is a mountain group that belongs to the Julian Alps (Triglav National Park), but is somewhat secluded from its companions, near the town of Dreznica near Kobarid. Its highest point is the 2244 m high Krn peak, the most famous attraction is the highest glacier lake in Slovenia, Lake Krn (1385 m).

It is also an ideal destination for lovers of hiking, trekking and mountaineering, as there are 4 different difficulty routes to choose from.

Krn Mountain, Dreznica

#5 Mt. Matajur (1,642 m)

Located on the Italian-Slovenian border, Matajur is one of the most popular mountains in the Italian countryside. In addition to hikers and hikers, plenty of MTB bikers will set out to explore the 1,642-meter-high peak. The mountain offers great views of the Adriatic Sea.

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