The character of the Krn Mountains is exciting and radiates a real alpine feeling. Located in the Julian Alps, Triglav National Park, Slovenia; it attracts many hikers each year. However its peaks are not very high, the relative elevation differences are quite significant. For example, the southern slopes continue to descend for more than 2,000 meters toward the Soca river.

Certain mountains in the group are steep and difficult to reach. The so-called “Trenta character” can already be seen in the mountains of the northern wall. The peaks in the south are quite similar, but some are still surrounded by a more modest facade.

Quick Details

Krn Mountains Details
Country Slovenia
Location Julian Alps, Triglav National Park
Highest peak Mt Krn (2 244 m)
Cities Krn, Vrsno, Drežnica, Drežniške Ravne, Magozd


The Slovenian Alps have 3 ranges, one of which is the Julian Alps. The Krn Mountains are located here in the southern part. Its highest point is Krn - 2,244 meters.

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Krn Mountains |
The Krn mountains are located in the Triglav National Park in the west part of Slovenia - close to the Italian border. 


Climbing Krn Mountains video


Like a giant wedge, the Krn group "pushes" the Soca River westward. Running west, past Bovec (a sporty mountain village), you reach the village of Žaga, where it turns sharply and continues southeast, through Kobarid to Tolmin and beyond.

The eastern boundaries of the Krn group are also easy to define. To the north is the Lepena Valley (here we find the Lepena stream) and then the high valley to the east of Lake Krn and to the south of Tolminka.

On the southern slope of the mountain lie the small villages of Krn, Vrsno, Drežnica, Drežniške Ravne and Magozd.

Dreznica, Triglav National Park

Mount Krn (2,244 m)

The highest point of the group is the peak of 2,244 meters - the Krn. With its very dominant, characteristic nose shape, it is clearly visible from anywhere in the area all the way to the Adriatic coast.

The unique view of Mount Krn, Slovenia hiking | Source: Mt Krn Guide
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Lake Krn (1,385 m)

The 1,385-meter lake is one of the most beautiful sights in the Triglav National Park. It is a hiking, mountaineering, and climbing paradise that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Lake Krn, Triglav National Park

The mountains of the Krn group

In the southeast, the Krn group begins to rise with some moderate hills and then reaches its full height nicely. The eastern slopes of this subgroup rising above the valley of the river Tolminka are even steeper. To the north, these mountains descend into the high valley of Lake Krn with barren karst-like slopes.

Northeast side

  • Krn, 2,244 m
  • Batognica, 2,164 m
  • Vrh nad Peski, 2 176 m
  • Maselnik, 1,903 m
  • Rdeči rob, 1 913 m
  • Veliki Šmohor, 1,931 m
  • Mali Šmohor, 1,944 m

Northwest side

A long ridge runs from the Krn peak to the northwest. The tip is steep but varies only slightly in height. From World War I, roads still exist along the ridge.

In the middle of the ridge, the 1938 m Velika Vrata pass allows easy passage between the western and eastern sides or vice versa.

  • Krnčica - 2,142 m
  • Vršič - 1,897 m
  • Kal - 1,698 m
  • Veliki Lemez - 2,043 m
  • Debeljak -1 869 m

North side

In the northern part of the group, above the rivers, Soca and Lepenica, stand the farthest mountains. Visiting these peaks takes us back to the time of World War I, especially Lipnik. Here, one can find the Slovenian Macchu Picchu!

These peaks are separated from the Krnčica pass by the Dolič.

  • Javorscek - 1,557 m
  • Lipnik - 1 867 m

To the west of the Krnčica ridge are some beautiful alpine meadows, in fact, a long, high mountain gorge. To the west of it rises a long ridge called Polovnik. The crossing is very rewarding, but not easy. Some peaks are steep, hiking trails disappear and are a little hard to find your way back.

The highest two peaks are:

  • Krasji vrh - 1,773 m
  • Veliki vrh - 1,767 m

Waterfalls and gorges

In the Krn group, you can find several smaller and larger waterfalls, The most significant ones can be found here:

  • Kozjak Waterfall and Gorge: One of the most popular waterfalls in Slovenia is the fabulous Kozjak. Many people don’t know that behind the waterfall is a long canyoning trail that we can try out with a guided tour in the summer.
  • Tolmin Gorge: One of the largest gorges in Slovenia is located next to the town of Tolmin.
  • Brinta Falls: The 104-meter waterfall in Senc is located in a beautiful valley. It can only be approached by hiking, the road leading there leads on a stony, rocky path.
  • Gregorčičev Waterfall: The Volarje stream formed the Gregorčičev Waterfall, which is also found in the Krn group. The waterfall is 15 meters high and can only be reached by hiking not far from Brinta Falls.